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2011-06-15 (Wednesday)


  1. Grime_tapes : : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (which was archiving loads of old grime cassettes) appears to have disappeared, but it looks like they put some(?) of the files on

  2. The Wire: A Brief History Of Grime Tapes

    Some streams/MP3s of recordings of early(?) grime sets on pirate radio. I’m enjoying the first one so far. (via Shaun at Ruby Pseudo)

  3. Daniel Rosenthal’s answer to Why is U2 so popular? - Quora

    “You’re not only dancing and reminiscing – you’re spreading freedom and reasonably-priced medicines to distant lands!” (via Shaun at Ruby Pseudo)

  4. Twitter Ye Not – why this geek went back to the real world | Sarah Angliss

    On why she’s stopped using Twitter. I’ve been going through a love/hate thing with it all myself the last few weeks and most (but not all) of this captures some of my feelings. (via @FinalBullet)


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    @shaunsavage_etc Re your blog post… have you seen some of is available here:

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    @antimega @russelldavies Get out of my pub!

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    @infovore @mdales Awwww, I wanted time zones! Let me do time zones!

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    @mdales I’m so into Django I can see out the other side. PHP is more of a lingua franca though. But still, yes, it’s 2011 and this is silly.

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    Wearing the “I’m writing yet another auth+admin system in PHP” face. Need a new face.

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    @suegyford I should forbid it, my dear.

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    @alruii When they started DJing at every single fashion industry event?