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2011-03-18 (Friday)



  1. Use Django and jQuery to create a spreadsheet application

    That’s a more interesting guide/demo than “how to make a weblog”. (via Django Weekly)

  2. Scripto | Crowdsourcing Documentary Transcription

    “A light-weight, open source, tool that will allow users to contribute transcriptions to online documentary projects.  The tool will include a versioning history and full set of editorial controls, so that project staff and [sic] manage public contributions.”

  3. The Online Photographer: Open Mike: Jazz Starter Kit

    One jazz-lover’s guide to getting into jazz, what things to listen to. (I like guides to a field by people who know something, even if it’s impossible to be objective about it.)

  4. Search Results mississippi records tape - Root Blog

    Various mix tapes by a Portland, Oregon record store, digitised and put online. (via Time & Materials)


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    Not blaming anyone, but just wondering why people often wrongly think I'm @gyford rather than @philgyford. Because it's my .com?

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    A good evening. Mexican food at Lupita very tasty. Friends very nice. Ice cream a step too far. Hoping @infovore's celebrations going well.

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    @revdancatt It's tempting to set up an off-Flickr gallery of them...

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    Heading to breakfast, for the first time in a while.