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2007-03-01 (Thursday)


  1. The 57 steps

    The end of term two, and our project was “the 57 steps” which, eventually, went well.



  1. Office Naps: Fresh 45 rpm curios every Monday

    Very much enjoying all these 1960s singles (the most recent post is a bit unexciting, but others are fab). And the images look great in iTunes’ Cover Flow view.

  2. The Fate of the Artist - Alan Moore’s London

    Eddie Campbell on the photographic references he used to draw ‘From Hell’. (via Rodcorp)

  3. Old Photos 1968 - a photoset on Flickr

    Anything pre-1990s, like Ted’s photos, look twice as old when displayed on the web where everything is new.

  4. > English Version

    Crane industry news and discussion. (via Monocle)

  5. Apple - Pro - Tips - Become the Ultimate Menu Master

    I never knew that. If only I could get a Control key working on my non-Apple external keyboard.

  6. Russell Moccasin Co.

    I’m a sucker for American practical clothing. These custom-made shoes and boots sounded good in a glowing Monocle article.

  7. ABICI

    Simply-designed, Italian, old-fashioned looking bikes. Stupid Flash site. (via Monocle)

  8. Wonderland: LA-LON route

    The bit about Helen Mirren sends a happy tingle down my spine. Yay!

  9. The Monumental Task of Warning Future Generations

    Because I’ve looked for stuff like this in the past (having heard about it years ago, offline) and never found it.

  10. PrintFetish

    Weblog about magazines, zines, small press books, etc.

  11. GOOD Magazine | Goodmagazine - The 51 Best* Magazines Ever

    Ones I liked, or wish I’d read: Wired (‘93-‘98), Colors, Might, The Face (1980s), Ray Gun (‘92-‘96).


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Catching up on mp3blogs (lots of 1960s American 7"s from Office Naps), writing, sorting photos, etc.