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Links tagged with “mattwebb”

  1. About Feeds | Getting Started guide to web feeds/RSS

    Matt Webb’s new single page site explaining it.

  2. Mwie Ltd (13 Nov., 2019, at Interconnected)

    Matt’s thoughts on five years of being an independent consultant are interesting. I daren’t think too closely about my *mumble* years of freelancing.

  3. A pre-history of weeknotes, plus why I write them and perhaps why you should too (Week 16)

    By Matt Webb. A lovely summary, and kindly citing my own weeknotes.

  4. On conversational UIs

    Matt Webb. My initial reaction to this stuff is that I like *finding* information and conversational interfaces seem frustratingly clunky. But maybe that’s just because they’re not good enough yet. Lots to ponder here.

  5. Facebook should make a camera ( 3 Jul., 2012, at Interconnected)

    I’m still amazed how unprogressive the camera market is. Aside from lack of product design innovation, cameras are so unconnected. Here we are in 2012 and very, very few even have wifi or GPS, never mind 3G, slick interfaces, integration with third-party services, etc.

  6. Instagram as an island economy (11 Apr., 2012, at Interconnected)

    The same with Matt Webb’s thoughts on Lanchester’s piece. Belatedly adding it to my link memory.

  7. Week 315 – Blog – BERG

    Epic week notes from Matt Webb on growing and nurturing BERG. It’s an honour to work just the other side of a door from these folks.

  8. Matt Webb’s Interconnected (it’s all confused and beautiful.)

    Like very year, I meant to start blogging more frequently. Webb’s actually doing it. I just caught up on his January over lunch and feel like I’ve eaten too well.

  9. Product invention workshops – Blog – BERG

    One of the things BERG does for clients. I bet they’re nothing but awesome.

  10. Scope (Schulze & Webb)

    More Matt Webb, his opening presentation at last week’s Reboot. It was very, very good, and it’s great to have the whole thing written much as he delivered it.

  11. Pulse Laser: Shownar

    This is what I’ve been working on, off and on, for the past while, with the lovely folks at Schulze & Webb. Is good.

  12. YouTube - Ignite ETech 2008: Matt Webb

    Matt’s fun five minute whizz around fictional versions of the solar system. Wish I’d been in San Diego and Austin this past week.

  13. Impro (9 February, 2008, Interconnected)

    Matt Webb’s notes on the ‘Masks and Trance’ chapter of Keith Johnstone’s book ‘Impro’.

  14. Starting out: Creatives clued in to ‘Generation C’ | Small Business | Business | Money | Telegraph

    Schulze & Webb getting some press coverage. I can’t even imagine what Matt and Jack will be doing in years to come.

  15. Mark Fowler’s Journal - Plain Text Wiki, Reworked

    A change to Matt Webb’s plain text wiki in TextMate thingy, to make links [[like this]]. (via Blech)

  16. Plain text wiki (20 May 2007, Interconnected)

    Great idea from Matt Webb: make wiki-style linked pages in TextMate. I think I’ve wanted exactly this without realising it before.

  17. Pricing (27 October 2005, Interconnected)

    Webb again on how to charge for freelance and consulting work. Brilliant, without having to mention embarrassing figures.

  18. New puritans are the (26 October 2005, Interconnected)

    Matt Webb on the New Puritans being a sign of impending societal collapse (although I lose him a bit towards the end).

  19. Open Tech 2005 - a photoset on Flickr

    Lovely medium-format photos of geeks by Matt Locke. Includes me, but my favourites are: Coates, Hammond, Nelson, Webb.

  20. Tom coates passed me (2 June 2005, Interconnected)

    Matt Webb on his book collection. Great stuff. At least as interesting as Nick Hornby’s fun ‘The Polysyllabic Spree’.

  21. i’m writing a book (4 August 2004, Interconnected)

    Matt is clever and nice. His forthcoming book, ‘Brain Hacks’, should be good. Yay!

  22. Matt’s PowerBook problems

    I love using Macs, mostly. But Apple’s customer service is atrocious. Good luck Matt.

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