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2020-08-12 (Wednesday)


  1. About Feeds | Getting Started guide to web feeds/RSS

    Matt Webb’s new single page site explaining it.

  2. CamJam

    Flips rapidly through 900 Transport for London traffic cameras showing almost-live footage. Quite hypnotic.


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    @Greg1954 @samuelpepys It’s not a real quote from the diary I’m afraid.…

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    @harikunzru @seangeer @tomskitomski @Eaterofsun @JamesFlint @DANIELPEMBERTON Still makes me chuckle.

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    @seangeer @tomskitomski @harikunzru @Eaterofsun @JamesFlint @DANIELPEMBERTON All that endless [checks notes] Jungism!

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    @tomskitomski @harikunzru @Eaterofsun @JamesFlint Also the "yeah but I have to review these B&W speakers properly" and "yeah but @DANIELPEMBERTON says this is great". We were powerless, really.

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    @seangeer @tomskitomski @Eaterofsun @JamesFlint In retrospect the real crime was all that downtempo hotel house music. Aural pap. I am thinking of doing some kind of public apology for helping it worm its way into the culture

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    @harikunzru @tomskitomski @Eaterofsun @JamesFlint I just had a flashback to the feebleness of our resistance efforts. We'd sneak in a few minutes of Sabbath or the Stranglers, and you'd hit back much harder with several hours of Juan Atkins...

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    @tomskitomski @Eaterofsun @JamesFlint What? You didn’t like working to 8 hours of Detroit techno?

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    I spent 9hrs driving yesterday, binge listening to podcasts. I learned some useful things.

    a) It is almost impossible to find one that isn’t hosted by two chirpy individuals

    b) The standard podcast voice is sassy/camp/male/West Coast

    c) Except Ira Glass who sounds...

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    I’m supposed to be digitally replacing the faces of Roger Moore’s quite obvious stuntmen in @gracejones/@duranduran @007 movie #AViewToAKill, but instead I’m procrastinating by deepfaking myself into the @MeanGirls trailer.. 💋#LessIsMoore #MeanGirls #JamesBond #SoFetch #MeanBoys