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2011-01-11 (Tuesday)



  1. The Online Photographer: OT: The Worst Remuddling Job in the History of the Universe

    Amazing that someone could prefer the second over the first, but a reminder of how very different people are to what seems “normal” to me/you/whoever. But even so. (Also, click through “the ‘Ouch’ post”.)

  2. Oops on Vimeo

    Found footage of video cameras being dropped. So much more absorbing than you’d imagine. Beautifully done. (via Waxy)

  3. Matt Webb’s Interconnected (it’s all confused and beautiful.)

    Like very year, I meant to start blogging more frequently. Webb’s actually doing it. I just caught up on his January over lunch and feel like I’ve eaten too well.


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    I just asked this on Quora: How might web programming, frameworks etc have changed by 2020? Any thoughts?

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    Maybe if I pretend the drilling outside is just the latest track from the avant-garde-techno-house-core-grind-continuum it will be more fun.

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    Just realised that no terrestrial TV channels are showing any full @nfl_uk playoff games. Boooo.

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    Wow! @benterrett just reminded me that 2010 was also the very first year that @jamesbridle was The Most Exciting Man Of The Year.

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    Looking at 2010 with hindsight, you can see it in Nick Clegg's eyes that he was already planning that fatal attack on David Cameron.

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    Listening to that Girl Talk album. Do you remember 2010? Do you? Crazy. I can't believe people wore those clothes! It seems so long ago!

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    @ethermole Aww, that's disappointing. I was also hoping for a sweat lodge. Or bike sheds to be naughty behind.

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    Wondering what the emerging wooden structure is in the car park. Maybe @overheardatmoo are having a gazebo built?