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2018-07-25 (Wednesday)



  1. A pre-history of weeknotes, plus why I write them and perhaps why you should too (Week 16)

    By Matt Webb. A lovely summary, and kindly citing my own weeknotes.


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    Mother of God, 4Music is re-showing season 1 of ‘King of the Hill’ starting 23.55 on 31 July.… I am very pleased and this has been a public service announcement for any other UK luddites without streaming.

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    On the off-chance anyone reading this knows loads about why my shared WebFaction server might be getting overloaded with phpBB processes:…

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    @samuelcrosland This is interesting, but how would you define ‘single use’? Are there any ‘single use’ pens? e.g. A biro can be used many times; it’s more like a pair of unrepairable trainers, compared to re-sole-able shoes.

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    In my weeknotes I write about things I’ve done, seen, read, thought, etc. Very rarely about work. Combining these little bits in a single post takes off a lot of (silly) pressure over whether a single one of them is “worth” a blog post, and what to title it.

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    .@genmon’s ‘A pre-history of weeknotes’ is good.… I’ve found aiming to write a regular end-of-week blog post has been a great way to start blogging more, and tweeting less.

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    Hanging-out with Steve Bannon has very much become the “getting Eno in” for right wing shitheads