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Links tagged with “environment”

  1. Place-based carbon calculator

    It was interesting to spend a while poking around at the stats for our area. Lots of overlays and things to look at. Generally, our area’s below average. (via Web Curios)

  2. Sunken Cities – BLDGBLOG

    I’m grimly fascinated with how places are going to adapt, while the can, to rising sea levels.

  3. How climate change is rapidly taking the planet apart - flassbeck economics international

    Summary of the situation. Only read with a stiff drink to hand. (via @paulpod)

  4. How Tesla Will Change The World - Wait But Why

    From a little while ago. Such a good, long read. From what energy is, through climate change, to what Tesla hopes to achieve.

  5. Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we’re nearing collapse | Cathy Alexander and Graham Turner | Comment is free |

    The “Business As Usual” scenario is looking accurate, 42 years on, although we haven’t yet seen if we reach the turning points, which will be the real (unpleasant) test. (via @agpublic)

  6. They’re Taking Over! by Tim Flannery | The New York Review of Books

    About how jellyfish are filling the oceans, destroying everything else, and are really hard to fight (they’re still a problem when they’re dead). A bit longer and more interesting than the LRB review of the same book.

  7. Views Differ on Shape of Earth, Climate Edition

    How few Americans have any idea what percentage of scientists think climate change is real. Depressing, and why the BBC (and others) shouldn’t try to be “balanced” about the issue. (via Daring Fireball)

  8. LRB · Rebecca Solnit · Diary

    If you’re feeling too happy, well worth a read. “A bayou redneck told him: ‘Osama fuckin’ bin Laden could not have imagined, planned or executed more devastation than BP has.’”

  9. BLDGBLOG: On the Road Again

    A bunch of links that, while fascinating, you shouldn’t read if you’re feeling at all pessimistic about things. This isn’t the future I was hoping for.

  10. Whole Earth Discipline

    Online, annotated version of Stewart Brand’s book. Annotations aside, seems to Instapaper quite well.

  11. The Viridian Design Movement

    Bruce Sterling closed Reboot last week and, even though I’d heard and read some of it before it was a wonderful, weary, preaching, telling off. It made me read this again.

  12. Watermarks Project

    Lovely idea to make it obvious how disastrous rising sea levels could be. All the photos are mock-ups though unfortunately. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  13. The Question of Global Warming - The New York Review of Books

    I found this Freeman Dyson article interesting because it isn’t written from one of the two usual polar extremes of the global warming arguments.

  14. GeeKyoto2008 - 17 May 2008

    Just booked my ticket. Clever people getting together at the Conway Hall “to discuss the future and how we’ll live in it.”

  15. A 15,000 year tour of Manhattan

    Great illustrations of what New York might look like at various points after human life disappears. (via Boing Boing)

  16. LRB | Andrew O’Hagan : The Things We Throw Away

    Wonderful essay about the UK’s rubbish and recycling. Well worth reading. “Throwing things away has been so essential to our sense of how to live that we forget we invented the process just to increase our pleasures.”

  17. Running the Numbers - An American Self-Portrait

    Images showing the number of things used by Americans every day/week/month/etc. Amazing, scary, etc. (via Haddock)

  18. Pollutr - social pollution

    I looked up this URL, inspired by… I wonder what this site will be. Registered to

  19. Telegraph | News | London-on-Sea: the future of a city in decay

    Map of how much of London may flood. Run for the hills. (via Haddock)

  20. The New York Review of Books: The Coming Meltdown

    I underlined this review of two books on environmental disaster when I read it. Not sure why now, but still.

  21. Compact

    The Compact’s weblog — see them wrestle with exactly what they’re allowed to buy new and giggle at the optimism: “if our movement grows we could take this country down”.

  22. Thecompact : The Compact

    The Yahoo! Group for the Bay Area people who aren’t buying new stuff in 2006.

  23. Bay Area / Out of the retail rat race / Consumer group doesn’t buy notion that new is better

    The Compact - 50 people who have committed to buy nothing new (“except food, health and safety items and underwear”) in 2006. (via Boing Boing)

  24. The Observer | UK News | Rising number of greens ditch cheap air travel

    Me too. I get twitchy when I see people taking lots of flights because everyone else will have to pay in the end.

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