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2007-01-07 (Sunday)


  1. - nyc photos » Power Washing 188 Suffolk St.

    Wow. Shows how dirty some New York buildings have become over the years. The difference is incredible. (via Kottke)

  2. YouTube - Silent Star Wars

    Beautifully done. Makes me unsuitably happy. (via Boing Boing)

  3. Zf-twitter - Google Code

    Tim’s PHP class for reading Twitter data. Uses the Zend Framework.

  4. Telegraph | News | London-on-Sea: the future of a city in decay

    Map of how much of London may flood. Run for the hills. (via Haddock)

  5. Isabelkate: long time no write

    Descriptions of my LISPA teachers by Isabel who’s in the afternoon group. Probably more enthusiastic than I’d be, but isn’t that always the case.

  6. John Sentamu: Face to faith | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited

    The Archbishop of York on how ethics are not the same as feelings, law, social norms or religion, and how ethics in business are important. Also, I hadn’t noticed comments on Guardian articles before (in tiny tiny text).


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    Quiet evening of catching up on TV. Last of Deadwood season 2 and more.

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    Canuting RSS feeds again in an attempt to start the new term with a clean virtual desk. Er, or beach, to keep with the metaphor.

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    Home, full.

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    About to walk into town for dim sum. I hope the walk generates more appetite.