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2010-01-13 (Wednesday)


  1. John Graham-Cumming: Utter crap reporting from The Daily Telegraph

    Also read the previous post about the CNN story. Come *on* journalists — it’s not difficult to at least be adequate at your job.

  2. Whole Earth Discipline

    Online, annotated version of Stewart Brand’s book. Annotations aside, seems to Instapaper quite well.


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    @revdancatt I'm not a chess man, but is on Euston Road and Baker Street (or online, obviously).

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    Catching up on last week's Bengals v Jets. I'm going to miss my weekly hours with @NatCoombs, Mike Carlson, plus Collingsworth & Michaels.

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    Choosing and booking flights is way too time consuming. And the combined fear of mistakes and TSA probes also makes it way too scary.