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  1. The Electric Typewriter

    I was wondering about long and/or “classic” articles/essays that are available online, and this looks like a good collection.

  2. James Meek · It’s already happened: The NHS Goes Private · LRB 22 September 2011

    Long, good, interesting, righteous-anger-inducing article about the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and how the service compares to other options. I am struggling not to swear.

  3. Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever

    Kevin Kelly is asking people to recommend the best magazine articles ever written. Too much good stuff to read. Excellent.

  4. Give Me Something To Read

    “Selections from among the most frequently bookmarked articles on Instapaper.”

  5. Barack Obama: How He Did It | Newsweek Politics: Campaign 2008 |

    A series of seven articles about the campaigns. Worth a long read. (via Kottke)

  6. Changing the short username in Leopard | Macworld

    This was very useful after Migration Assistant insisted I couldn’t have the same username on my new MacBook as on my old PowerBook. Grrrr.

  7. LRB · Mark Greif: You’ll Love the Way It Makes You Feel

    Great article on ‘Mad Men’, nailing some (but not all) of the things that annoy me about it. But so many people rave about it, despite all this, that we’re going to try again…

  8. The Atlantic Online | November 2008 | The Things He Carried | Jeffrey Goldberg

    Describing how easy it is to get stuff past US airline security. “Security theatre”: it’s all just for show. (via everywhere)

  9. David Foster Wallace (Harper’s Magazine)

    Harper’s have put all their DFW writing online. ‘Shipping Out’ is one of my favourite reads. (via Kottke)

  10. Crooked Timber » » Globollocks Watch

    I like the “objective” scoring of articles. I want to do something similar to calculate genuine “newsworthiness”… +1 per person killed, +1 per million dollars stolen, etc. (via Nick Sweeney)

  11. LRB | Rosemary Hill : Keep Calm

    An account of the Co-operative Correspondence Club (early 20C women’s letter-writing distribution network). Also rather moving as the century continues and the women age.

  12. Starting out: Creatives clued in to ‘Generation C’ | Small Business | Business | Money | Telegraph

    Schulze & Webb getting some press coverage. I can’t even imagine what Matt and Jack will be doing in years to come.

  13. How children lost the right to roam in four generations | the Daily Mail

    Interesting graphic showing one family’s increasing restrictions on their children’s freedom, over four generations. I wonder how child abduction rates have changed over a similar period. (via Boing Boing)

  14. This time, only world class will do - Building Design

    “If Milton Court on the Barbican Estate must go, its replacement has to be much, much better.” Current plans are very dull and, worse, destroy the current walkway link to the Barbican and surrounding buildings.

  15. Telegraph | News | London-on-Sea: the future of a city in decay

    Map of how much of London may flood. Run for the hills. (via Haddock)

  16. John Sentamu: Face to faith | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited

    The Archbishop of York on how ethics are not the same as feelings, law, social norms or religion, and how ethics in business are important. Also, I hadn’t noticed comments on Guardian articles before (in tiny tiny text).

  17. LRB | Jonathan Lear : Can the virtuous person exist in the modern world?

    More ethics, morality, philosophy stuff for me to delve into one mythical day when I have loads more time to read books. (Subscribers only)

  18. Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | Steve Rose on the renaissance of the Brunswick Centre

    And the history of the its birth. It looks lovely now, and could only be improved by the reappearance of Skoob Books and by calling it the “Brunswick Centre” instead of the “Brunswick”. Stupid pointless re-branding. (via Blech)

  19. Comment is free: Religions don’t deserve special treatment

    It’s a shame this needs saying, but still, great stuff. “It is time to refuse to tip-toe around people who claim respect, consideration, special treatment, or any other kind of immunity, on the grounds that they have a religious faith.” (via Haddock)

  20. Wallflower at the Web Party - New York Times

    Why Friendster floundered. I love reading technology failure (or not quite success) stories. (via ChrisDodo)

  21. Imagine Earth without people - life - 12 October 2006 - New Scientist

    What would happen to the world if we all vanished. (via Boing Boing)

  22. How to Read - Nick Hornby

    “If you don’t read the classics, or the novel that won this year’s Booker Prize, then nothing bad will happen to you; more importantly, nothing good will happen to you if you do” (via Kottke)

  23. The New York Review of Books: The Case for Decency

    “The belief in unity that has fueled so many utopian dreams is an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable that ends in repression. Berlin suggests we renounce this venerable faith, and learn how to live with intractable conflict.” (Subscribers only)

  24. The New York Review of Books: Cosmopolitans

    Ethics, identity, violence, justice. “Why do we succumb so readily to appeals based on the irrational forms of identity — ethnic, racial, religious — rather than to appeals based on the rational forms — economic above all?”

  25. :: View topic - milton court

    Building Design article about the proposed replacement of the Barbican’s Milton Court building (“43 storey residential tower”!), and the resistance to the plans.

  26. Roger Federer as Religious Experience - Tennis - New York Times

    I have no interest in sport but David Foster Wallace always makes tennis fascinating. Not that I’ve got round to reading this yet. (via Kottke)

  27. LRB | David Edgar : Stalking Out

    Review of a John Osborne biography with lots of interesting history about 1950s/60s London theatre, especially ‘Look Back in Anger’, Stratford East, and the Royal Court, and whether theatre was shaken up or not.

  28. LRB | E.S. Turner : Catchers in the Rye

    Interesting article about the history of animal and human traps (subscribers only).

  29. The New York Review of Books: Progressive but Not Liberal

    I love stuff like this - moralism, justice, etc. But I can rarely concentrate enough to understand it fully. Subscribers only.

  30. A List Apart: Articles: The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes (and other notes on the distinction between style and design)

    I’m sure I’ll need this again at some point. On why so many “designers” are actually “stylists”.

  31. LRB | Tom Shippey : The Most Learned Man in Europe

    Interesting summary of the history of libraries in Western Europe. (Subscribers only.)

  32. A List Apart: Articles: The Four-Day Week Challenge

    Excellent article on restricting the hours you work. “And then it hit me: there will always be more to do.” Realising this is a big step.

  33. Guardian Unlimited | Family | Family Forum: How eccentric are your people?

    I thought this would be horrendously cloying but it was actually really funny.

  34. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Confessions of a virtual virgin

    Newspaperman Roy Greenslade on coming to terms with being a blogger, and what journalists must now accept and learn.

  35. Guardian Unlimited | The Guide | Jacques Peretti: History in the remaking

    The commodification of our childhood memories. “Once they start making programmes about your youth, you may as well kill yourself with a spiked ball, preferably while wearing rollerskates.”

  36. My coffeehouse nightmare. By Michael Idov

    Why not to dream about running a coffeeshop.

  37. The New York Review of Books: City Lights

    Review of Tristram Hunt’s ‘Building Jerusalem: The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City’. Were things better when wealthy Victorians did things for the plebs? (Subscribers only unfortunately)

  38. Variety’s Festivals & Markets - Stillman seeing ‘Green’

    Whit Stillman’s starting work on a new film. About time!

  39. The Observer | OMM | A northern soul

    Paul Morley on the Manchester and Liverpool punk scenes from 1976 and beyond. I always find his excitement infectious. (via Ted Mills)

  40. LRB | Rose George : Diary

    Subscribers-only or pay-for, but an interesting account of going into London’s sewers. She’s working on a book about human waste…

  41. The New York Review of Books: Summoning the Spirits

    Fascinating article about Victorian mediums, spirit photographers etc. (subscribers only)

  42. The New York Review of Books: Jimmy Carter & the Culture of Death

    Lots of bits in this review of Carter’s book ‘Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis’ that I circled.

  43. The New York Review of Books: The Way to a Fair Deal

    Interesting review of Benjamin M. Friedman’s ‘The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth’ (subscribers only).

  44. The New York Review of Books: The Coming Meltdown

    I underlined this review of two books on environmental disaster when I read it. Not sure why now, but still.

  45. LRB | Steven Shapin : At the Amsterdam

    Review of two books on the history of coffee houses. A fascinating summary of how lively, interesting and important they were. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)

  46. Archinect : News : Jane Jacobs goes to the great city in the sky

    Fairly detailed obituary/summary. (via City of Sound)

  47. Has Futurism Failed?

    Good long summary of the history of futurism (not the art movement) and the state of the industry now. (via Blackbeltjones)

  48. The Observer | Review | Divine inspiration

    Scroll down to various arty types talking about how they get inspired. (via City of Sound)

  49. BBC News | Entertainment | Cult poet Ivor Cutler dies at 83

    I missed this earlier in the week. I’m glad we went to see him a couple of years back, although I feared I wouldn’t see him again. Bye bye Ivor.

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