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2010-07-27 (Tuesday)

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  1. Jeremy Hunt to axe The UK Film Council - Moolies

    “I don’t know about clueless outraged Twitterers, Phil - I’m sure there were plenty of those, as…

  2. Jeremy Hunt to axe The UK Film Council - Moolies

    Among all the Twittering, blogging outrage over this, I’m wondering how this axing of the UKFC is…


  1. On Danny O’Brien on Shift Run Stop « Enemy of Chaos

    Leila’s reflections on Danny and NTK and geek culture and everything, plus a fascinating exchange between them over the past couple of days in the comments.

  2. Oh I get it, it’s a sci-fi novel! « LRB blog

    Oh, no, David Markson died last month. The Strand Bookstore is selling off his library. Some people are trying to keep it together.

  3. Pay as you go sim with data Wiki

    This could be very handy when going to Abroad.

  4. Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever

    Kevin Kelly is asking people to recommend the best magazine articles ever written. Too much good stuff to read. Excellent.

  5. Typographica. Type Reviews, Books, Commentary.

    I must have seen this before, but I stumbled across it again recently. Tasty.

  6. Gridness

    More lovely rigorously grid-based designs than you can shake a very straight stick at.

  7. The Mid-Century Modernist

    Oh. Oh. My. Too many nice things. I must lock my wallet away.

  8. Git Reference

    Ooh, blimey, an actually useful and readable and understandable concise guide to Git. Phew.

  9. Real Editors Ship (

    Good bit about the value of editors for online stuff. In my (sporadic) experience, old media are much, much more rigorous and able to Make (predictable, repetitive) Things Work than new media.


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    Things are really good recently.

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    All this UK Film Council outrage: Weren't they going to be merged with the BFI anyway? I don't know enough background.