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  1. Jean-Luc Godard in the USA | Sight & Sound

    I don’t know much about Godard but enjoyed this article from 1968 about him, America and revolution. “A film is a theoretical rifle and a rifle a practical film.”

  2. Exxon Lost a Climate Proxy Fight - Bloomberg

    If every news story’s background was explained as well as Matt Levine explains this Exxon vote thing then I’d have a much better understanding of what was going on in the world.

  3. LadBaby and the wild rise of the Facebook Famous | WIRED UK

    Mainly interesting for the differences between famous creators and the types of content on different platforms. (also via Web Curios)

  4. Play to Lose — Real Life

    A similar theme to the previous, the financialisation of everything, but from a different point of view. NFTs, crypto, Wall Street Bets, etc as “revenge capitalism”, supporting not fighting capitalism. (via Web Curios)

  5. The Great Online Game - Not Boring by Packy McCormick

    There’s something true in here about how the world does or can work for some people, wrapped up in a lot of horrible crypto business awfulness. (via Web Curios, who said much the same)

  6. The Kitchen Bladesmith - Craftsmanship Magazine

    Long article about a man who makes knives, what makes knives sharp, what makes them easier to sharpen, etc. (via Web Curios)

  7. @lemonodor/Advisory Circular bots / Twitter

    Twitter bots that automatically post when a helicopter’s detected flying in circles over a particular city. Includes @SkyCirclesLON. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  8. HackSoftware/Django-Styleguide: Django styleguide used in HackSoft projects

    Interesting to see how people settle on organising things. (via Simon Willison)

  9. - Explore The World From Home

    It feels more magical than I expected to suddenly see full-window, high quality video of walking round a foreign city, more so than browsing YouTube for the same.

  10. Root System Drawings - Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections

    40 years worth of drawings of plant roots. More interesting than it might sound.

  11. The Absurdity is the Point - Galaxy Brain

    A decent attempt to try and describe the weirdness of the current state of internet / crypto / meme news. “Personally, it scrambles my brain.” (via Web Curios)

  12. The Ballad of the Canceled Cretin - Ed Zitron’s Where’s Your Ed At

    Good takes. (Although 32 years ago the headmistress vetoed “cretin” in a play I’d written, as offensive to those with cretinism, so no one’s perfect Ed.)

  13. CoopCycle

    “A federation of bike delivery co-ops” including the free, open software to manage deliveries and apps for the couriers. Excellent. (via the Guardian)

  14. Accounting for big expenses and depreciation in your FIRE budget - Monevator

    I haven’t often seen this aspect discussed at length in early retirement planning articles.

  15. Atlas Minor • 8½

    “Could you leave everything behind and start from zero again? Pick one thing, and one only, and be absolutely devoted to it? Make it the reason for your existence, the thing that contains everything, that becomes everything, because your dedication to it makes it last forever?”

  16. Map of Reddit

    I love maps of the internet. (via Web Curios)

  17. The Online Photographer: The Worst Player in the NBA

    The post and the featured comments on the gap between good amateurs and pros in various sports and professions.

  18. Dirty Feed – What The Papers Say

    I enjoyed this investigation into the origin of a joke from ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. (via b3ta)

  19. My current HTML boilerplate - Manuel Matuzović

    Nicely explained. with references. (via Adactio)

  20. Ann Lewis Printmaker - Limited Edition Linocuts

    Lovely muted colour palettes on these.

  21. Paul Catherall

    Very simple, colourful prints of buildings and city views.

  22. Dave Lerner - Reduction Linocuts

    Very smart prints of neon signs, vintage cars etc. I’d never have guessed they were linocuts.

  23. How To Be A Car Photographer — Amy Shore Photography

    …when you start off knowing nothing about cars or cameras. (via Things Magazine)

  24. Margaret Mallows - Prints for Sale | Artfinder

    Mainly for the number of colours she uses in the reduction linocuts (often over a dozen).

  25. Black Pig Printmaking Studio - Linocuts

    Really detailed monochrome linocuts.

  26. Prints of Cityscapes/Landscapes by artist Steve Edwards

    Some interesting effects by etching lino (with caustic soda?).

  27. Core Strength Hip Strength Hip Mobility - -

    Post-run exercises. An improved version of his Myrtl routine, which I’ve been doing until now. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  28. cormiertyshawn895/Retroactive: Run Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes on macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. Xcode 11.7 on macOS Mojave. Final Cut Pro 7, Logic Pro 9, and iWork ’09 on macOS Mojave or macOS High Sierra.

    “Run Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes on macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. Xcode 11.7 on macOS Mojave. Final Cut Pro 7, Logic Pro 9, and iWork ’09 on macOS Mojave or macOS High Sierra.”