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  1. Cy Cordner | No Mercy / No Malice

    This is just a nice, quite heartwarming, story.

  2. Karan Mahajan on Twitter: “Some years ago, I was lucky to take a class…” / Twitter

    A 69 page PDF of writing quotes shared by Denis Johnson. I love the obviously copied-and-pasted fonts and formatting of this.

  3. Scaled Industries

    Detailed 3D printed squares of cities for sale. Very nice.

  4. Energy Flash: rave before rave

    Scroll down for the/a origin of raves at George Melly and Mick Mulligan’s West End Jazz Club.

  5. Running a Successful Membership / Subscription Program — by Craig Mod

    Another good update, after two years of running his program. I love this kind of “lessons learned / how to” thing.

  6. SmolCSS

    Very little snippets of very modern CSS doing a single thing. As I’m a long way from the cutting edge CSS wise, this is useful. By Stephanie Eckles. (via @simonw)

  7. A short essay on pricing pen plotter art

    An excellent, interesting and useful post from Rev Dan Catt on pricing your art (any kind of art really).

  8. Homebrew Python Is Not For You // Justin Mayer

    I think I’ve escaped this by using pyenv (and/with pipenv) but it’s such a mess. (via @simonw)

  9. Disqus, the dark commenting system

    If comments are important enough to to have on your site, host your own (not what this article concludes, but what I say).


    I like this idea, curating a topic-specific collection of material from the Internet Archive.

  11. Papercraft Models — Rocky Bergen

    For a rainy day. (via Things Magazine)

  12. Intaglio Printmaker | Intaglioprintmaker

    Online shop for tools and materials, based in SE1.

  13. the sun is going down and you’re getting cold - Garbage Day

    “Things that make sense on the internet, when spoken out loud, slip away from you as if you were trying to recall a dream.” So good, on social media and the US Capitol riot.

  14. Pluralistic: 13 Jan 2021 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

    How Cory generates the various versions of his daily posts, threads, etc. It isn’t a single, streamlined multi-platform CMS…

  15. ONS Basemaps Comparison

    Nice way to compare places in the UK on new and old maps.

  16. Everything You Need To Know About Getting Back Into Tumblr - Garbage Day

    I’ve been using Tumblr for years but in a way I’ve never really *used* Tumblr and this is a great guide.

  17. Alex Abramovich · Even When It’s a Big Fat Lie: ‘Country Music’ · LRB 8 October 2020

    Good, critical review of Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ and the rest.

  18. Andrew O’Hagan · I’m being a singer: Dandy Highwaymen · LRB 8 October 2020

    On the New Romantics. “It turns out that the inheritors of punk were not those little indie bands I loved … Male indie kids were completely conventional, scrubbed boys, who went to the same barbers as their fathers, supported the same football teams, and wore the same aftershave.”

  19. What’s your financial origin story? (Monevator)

    Scores of interesting comments from readers about how and when they began saving/investing in order to, hopefully, become financially independent.

  20. A Simplified Guide to Clothing Production – The Rosenrot | For The Love of Avant-Garde Fashion

    I do enjoy rough guides on how to start doing something, written from experience.

  21. A technical and privacy review of Cloudflare Web Analytics

    Interesting look at whether it’s good or not (via Dan in my comments)