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2022-09-14 (Wednesday)


  1. What Kind of Country Do We Want? | Marilynne Robinson | The New York Review of Books

    “We are the richest country in history, therefore richer than the generations that built it, but we cannot bring ourselves even to make repairs.”


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    Anyone know how to see a dated archive of someone’s Medium posts? e.g. some magic URL like /archive/ that shows something useful?

    Or do I have to keep scrolling to the bottom of the “endless” page and guess whether that’s the end or if my internet connection momentarily broke?

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    @felix_cohen I’ve been very happy with for email since moving to it a year or two back. Caveats: can’t compare it to google workspace, and haven’t used the Calendar or Contacts.

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  • ianvisits’s avatar

    Behold... The Queue.

    Currently starting at London Bridge - with lessons in the noble art of pugilism to deal with queue jumpers.

  • jonty’s avatar

    So @DCMS have a live youtube stream showing where the lying-in-state queue ends

    If you're to believe the What3Words address, you should currently join the queue somewhere near Bradford