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  1. German exercises - practice grammar online

    More of this. It helps me just to keep doing exercises but I soon exhaust any individual site. (vis Ask MetaFilter)

  2. Teaching Materials • Lehrmaterialien

    Low-tech but good and extensive German-language-learning worksheets and tests.

  3. The Yesterweb

    A Discord “… made up of netizens who acknowledge that today’s internet is lacking in creativity, self-expression, and good digital social infrastructure.” Seems a nice place. (via

  4. RhetTbull/osxphotos

    “Python app to export pictures and associated metadata from Apple Photos on macOS. Also includes a package to provide programmatic access to the Photos library, pictures, and metadata.” (via Colin Devroe)

  5. Marc’s Place - SetEXIFData

    Mac app front end to exiftool, for setting Exif data on photos and videos, including using a map to set their location. A bit harder to see existing Exif data nicely. (via Colin Devroe)

  6. My current photo library management solution – Colin Devroe

    Using the Mac Photos app for viewing only, and keeping the originals in dated folders.

  7. Matt Levine’s Money Stuff: Looking for Tether’s Money - Bloomberg

    Explaining how finance works. I’m glad he didn’t write economic text books decades ago because I might have stuck with economics A Level.

  8. Are your students struggling this semester? | Ask MetaFilter

    Interesting to read how consistently (US) students are struggling to work, pay attention, etc, this year.

  9. FSNotes App – Modern notes manager for macOS and iOS

    Another nice looking, open source, notes app with lots of features, including cloud syncing, links between notes, git versioning, inline images, encryption. (via FaveJet)

  10. Organic Maps: Offline Hike, Bike, Trails and Navigation

    Looks like a nice OpenStreetMap-based mapping phone app, with offline maps. Also, open source, and no trackers. (via @MythicBeasts)

  11. Sweet Home 3D - Draw floor plans and arrange furniture freely

    Despite the cutesy name, this looks like a really good open source floorplanning software. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  12. Graphic Design History Resources - We Made This

    Links to loads of sites that contain loads of lovely graphic design images, put together by Alistair Hall. (via Web Curios)

  13. Station Identification – Petafloptimism

    A good turn of the wheel for the brain from Kim Stanley Robinson: “one must be anti-anti-utopian”.

  14. Moo Card Player -

    Using NFC tags stuck to Moo cards, triggering iOS Shortcuts, to play albums. Very nice.

  15. Transcribing Lil’ Kim | The Ethan Hein Blog

    As someone who doesn’t think much about the details of music I listen to, I love this analysis of the rhythm, rhymes, etc in this verse.

  16. White people with acoustic instruments covering rap songs | The Ethan Hein Blog

    Interesting thoughts, from 2018. e.g. I’d (stupidly) never noticed that it’s only white people who do covers of rap songs.

  17. Model Barbican : r/london

    “It’s not on display per se but if you go to the Barbican and ask to see the model room they’ll let you.” !!

  18. Barbican centre construction 1970s | Flickr

    91 colour photos! Beech street before it was covered! Cut-away below-podium views! Gardens without plants! Views across London from the towers! Donkey jackets! Brilliant.

  19. The Best Camera Slings in 2021 | Carryology

    Thinking about something like this for when I have more stuff than pockets but less than daypack. These all look a bit tech-lad though.

  20. Masks - Wintercroft

    Really nice pay-for patterns to make masks out of card. Animals, birds, skulls, Cthulhu, etc. (via

  21. 404PageFound – Active Vintage Websites, Old Webpages, and Web 1.0

    Lots of old sites that are still live. (via Web Curios)

  22. E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The strengths of the academic enterprise (EWD 1175)

    “The Buxton Index of an entity, i.e. person or organization, is defined as the length of the period, measured in years, over which the entity makes its plans.” (via FaveJet)

  23. Revolutions

    “A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions.” (via Ask MetaFilter)

  24. Why are hyperlinks blue?

    Some good digital archaeology. (via Adactio)

  25. Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App

    Looks great. Free simple version, pay-for with lots of powerful extensions. (via @mala)

  26. SaaS Pegasus | The Django-Powered SaaS Boilerplate

    Looks like an interesting way to get up and running quickly with user management, Stripe subscriptions, teams, etc. USD295/site


    This looks great - a *fun* website builder. Some lovely stuff in the Curated Pages. (via

  28. Moviedromer - Full film list

    All the films that were shown as part of Moviedrome, with their original introductions. (via b3ta newsletter)