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  1. The Last London - London Review of Books

    I usually find Iain Sinclair a bit much, too grouchy, but the start of this is very good on modern London, around Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Liverpool Street.

  2. trailofbits/algo: Set up a personal IPSEC VPN in the cloud

    Another self-hosted VPN server, which they say is better than Streisand.

  3. Loopy: a tool for thinking in systems

    A simple web-based tool for drawing systems diagrams.

  4. On Robert Silvers | Online Only | n+1

    Memories of working with the New York Review of Books editor. (via @iamdanw)

  5. Robert Silvers obituary | Books | The Guardian

    I hadn’t realised he’d been the NYRB’s editor since it began in 1963.

  6. David Runciman reviews ‘Theresa May’ by Rosa Prince · LRB 16 March 2017

    I haven’t had much of a sense of what May is about, what makes her tick. This article seems to have an interesting set of ideas about it.

  7. Manor Houses + | Manor Houses, Mansions & Stately Homes for sale

    Just because I like blogs that focus on one narrow field of property for sale.

  8. Why Growth Will Fall | by William D. Nordhaus | The New York Review of Books

    On how the rate of increase of standard of living and economic growth in the US was greatest from 1870-1970 and will never be the same again.

  9. An oral history of ‘Get a Mac,’ Part 1 | Campaign US

    A good read, that mainly reminds me I need some more John Hodgeman in my life. (via @antimega)

  10. David Letterman on Donald Trump and Late-Night TV Today

    I barely saw any Letterman but this was still a fun read. (via Daring Fireball)

  11. The beauty of bots – Duncan Gough interview in full – Final Bullet

    Lots of lovely ideas in this interview with Duncan by Leila Johnston.

  12. Strobist: Lighting 101

    How to do photography lighting. A really nice, clear introduction.

  13. Cameron’s World

    It appears that I haven’t bookmarked this before, which is an oversight.

  14. 4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump – Medium

    This was a good read on a segment of Trump’s supporters being like, or actually, 4chan in origin.

  15. Unit test your Django views

    Unit testing Django’s class-based views seems difficult to do simply. This helps.

  16. we can’t both be right.

    “An annotated digest of the top ‘Hacker’ ‘News’ posts”. Jolly good. e.g. “Some foreigners do forex. Hackernews is not impressed with this ancient idea. They could have done it better, but they’re not going to bother trying.”

  17. Logobook - Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols and trademarks

    All the logos, in black and white. Very nice. (via Kottke)

  18. Ten Meter Tower - The New York Times

    “we found 67 people who had never been on a 10-meter diving tower before, and had never jumped from that high.” And then filmed them trying to get up the courage. Riveting. (via Kottke)

  19. Massive dump of Spotify created playlists - 1.4k+ genres, 12k+ playlists! : spotify

    Amazing, but it’s annoying this stuff is practically impossible to discover or browse in the app itself. Even having seen before, I didn’t realise all these playlists existed.

  20. niallkennedy/Movable-Type-WordPress-export

    This worked really well. And a bit of tweaking meant it also worked for importing into custom WordPress Post types and Taxonomies too.

  21. Sharing some process from IF – Writing by IF – Medium

    A handy list of things to do to secure your Mac, iPhone, email, etc. (via Favejet)

  22. Music and Social Justice / or Why Many Musicians Should Not Release Records for General Public Consumption

    Equating spending money on promoting your music (or, presumably, any other art) with perpetuating your privileged position.

  23. flurinduerst/WPDistillery: WordPress Setup runner for Scotch Box

    Handy - create a Vagrant virtual machine with WordPress installed and configured. An oddly opinionated default config, but easily tweaked.

  24. Link Review: weblogs round-up | things magazine

    Summarising which of the weblogs in their sidebar are still active. Not many. Remember weblogs?

  25. Sleep Ambient HD - YouTube

    Six-hour recordings of ambient sound and video from different games like GTA5, Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge, etc. (via @mattb)

  26. From Friends to Frasier: 13 Famous TV Shows Rendered in Plan | ArchDaily

    From 2014, fan-made floor plans of several US sitcom sets. (via Things Magazine)

  27. Famous TV Shows Brought to Life with 3D plans | Drawbotics

    Including Parks & Rec, Mad Men, The Office (US). (via Things Magazine)

  28. Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich - The New Yorker

    Grimly fascinating of course. At least there are a few people quoted suggesting that maybe spending money on making society less like to collapse might be a good idea instead. (via Kottke)