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2022-07-27 (Wednesday)


  1. We want to talk about Metafilter. (r/MetaFilterMeta)

    Some jaded people discuss MetaFilter away from MetaFilter itself. A bit odd. Unsure if it’s good(ish) or bad.


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    Trying to think of a single time I’ve used a <ul> and the order of the list items hasn’t mattered at all…

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    @suegyford Sorry, just saying that all those boys playing football hadn’t necessarily learned anything. Girls should definitely have the same opportunity to enjoy, or dread, weekly football lessons.

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    @suegyford While girls should definitely be able to play too, I didn’t *learn* anything in PE football. Only the pitch with the already-good players got any attention from the teacher. The only thing I learned was that I was apparently rubbish at sport.

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    I just cleaned decades of brown off the glass of the oven door, so I’m looking forward to the next New Year’s Honours List! 🏅🥇🎖

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    THREAD: The evolution of Pokémon cards through history, as generated by DALL·E 2

    For starters, here’s what DALL·E 2 thinks 21st century Pokémon cards look like, using prompts like “A Pokémon card from 2001”

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    @philgyford OBE: Oven Brown Eliminator

    Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom