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  1. Mirrorshades

    Free online edition of the 1986 cyberpunk anthology: Gibson, Cadigan, Rucker, Bear, Sterling, etc. Not the most readable format however. (via

  2. 30 Years of Writing on the Internet - Longreads

    On how internet writing is never reviewed, or treated seriously, until it’s in book form. A bit like internet video not being as “proper” as TV. (via Web Curios)

  3. A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the Craft | The New Yorker

    On AI’s effect on programming, but also good just on enjoying writing code. (via everyone)

  4. Gale Walden · Diary: David’s Presence

    On being a partner and friend to, and remembering, David Foster Wallace.

  5. TikTok teens aren’t stanning Osama bin Laden

    Once again, we can only imagine journalists in big media outlets having this much clue about the internet.

  6. theprintspace | Art Printing | High Quality Photo Prints

    Someone recommended this place for getting prints of photos, but I forget who.

  7. Brick Borrow

    UK-based subscription LEGO set rental.

  8. Dutch Cycling Lifestyle

    Every local newspaper will use this to generate hyperlocal rage bait, “An AI predicted what the High Street will look like when cars are banned”. (via Kottke)

  9. Mastering DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript — Phuoc Nguyen

    Great collection of explained examples of how to do common things with JS. (via Michael Tsai)

  10. Wakamai Fondue, the tool that answers the question “what can my font do?”

    Drop a font on it and it shows you lots of info about it, and displays its characters.

  11. Bunny Fonts | Explore Faster & GDPR friendly Fonts

    “…designed as a privacy-friendly drop-in replacement for Google Fonts holding the same API format.” (via

  12. Medieval Murder Maps

    Zoomable, scrollable maps of medieval London, York and Oxford with locations and details of murders, deaths, etc. that took place. Nicely done.

  13. The Goldlist Method in a Nutshell by Lýdia Machová (PDF)

    For learning foreign language vocabulary. Sounds like magic.

  14. Metafilter: 20+ years in, you think you know a site | Carrie Tian

    Thoughtful reflections on growing up with the site. (via r/metafiltermeta)

  15. electric minds | virtual community center | profiled community

    Just came across these 1996 quotes about Cyborganic too, which I particularly like for the descriptions of the homes/offices and their ethernet cabling.

  16. Welcome to the Cyborganic Gardens

    Some broken links and images but nice to see it online still.

  17. Communities of innovation: Cyborganic and the birth of networked social media

    PhD dissertation from 2008 by Jennifer Cool. The history of Cyborganic really starts around page 151. Much nostalgia from a distance.

  18. When Hari Kunzru met Michael Moorcock | Science fiction books | The Guardian

    I must have read this at the time (2011) but I just came across it again, so.

  19. Why haven’t internet creators become superstars?

    By David W. Marx. Part of my puzzlement that, for example, the world of The Guardian feels so entirely separate from internet culture.

  20. Educational Sensational Inspirational Foundational

    “A historical record of foundational web development blog posts.” Some real classics there. (via Go Make Things)

  21. Longplay

    iPhone and iOS app that focuses on playing albums. It’s very nice, and not expensive, but I wish there was a Mac version.

  22. Energy makes time | everything changes

    Very nice but it does assume you know “whatever activity or habit leaves you more energized” that you’re not doing. (via Kottke)

  23. — All-in-one bookmark manager

    Looks like a much nicer alternative to the rather neglected Pinboard. Also run by one person. (via

  24. I was Russell Crowe’s stooge

    A good read, by Jack Marx, from 2006. (via Kottke)

  25. [MeFi Site Update] August 16th | MetaTalk

    Well put by bepe: “I am left feeling like I’m in a performance art piece or a psychology study or something. … How can it be that increased moderation is the continual goal, as site activity dwindles? It’s like being in an anarchist version of waiting for godot.”

  26. Creator economy platform costs

    Calculator for the costs of newsletter/membership platforms.

  27. a clock where the time is in a song title

    I had this exact idea a few years back and started collating songs to use but only got as far as 1:45am. (via Waxy)

  28. Carl and the cookie and the Web – MetaGrrrl

    Dinah on your pal, Carl, and a cookie.