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  1. prosthetic knowledge

    This tumblr of design/art/tech right now is very, very good. (via @iamdanw I think)

  2. The Deleted City 3.0

    Zoomable map of the GeoCities filesystem. (via FlowingData)

  3. Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou

    “This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size.” (via FlowingData)

  4. Algorithm-Driven Design — How AI is Changing Design by Yury Vetrov

    Really good list of examples of… what it says. (Aside from annoying hijacking of cursor keys, but anyway.) And a nice mention of Guardian Headliner too. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  5. Cody Cobb

    Lovely landscape photography. (via The Online Photographer)

  6. Compound interest applied to learning

    Yes, this makes sense. Plus I often think that people who get, or take, an opportunity early on that gives them time to explore their field end up exponentially further ahead than peers.

  7. Bildnerische Formlehre - Bildnerische Gestaltungslehre - Paul Klee - Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern

    3900 pages of Paul Klee’s notebooks on sculptural form and design theory, scanned and transcribed.

  8. The Exquisitely English (and Amazingly Lucrative) World of London Clerks - Bloomberg

    A good insight into a world I knew nothing about. Now I know who those people are pushing carts of boxes of papers, who I see on the way to work. (via @iamdanw)

  9. Instagram created a monster – A no bullshit guide to what’s really going on! – Behind The Quest

    Another piece demonstrating the horror that is The Other Instagram (and The Other social media generally probably), the one that isn’t just people showing friends what they’re doing.

  10. James Wolcott reviews ‘Making It’ by Norman Podhoretz · LRB 18 May 2017

    A very fun, lively-written read, even though most of the people mentioned mean little to me. Reminded me of reading The Modern Review, how I enjoyed it without understanding so many of the references.

  11. Tom Crewe · What will be left?: Labour’s Prospects · LRB 18 May 2017

    Slightly out of date opinion poll-wise, but I liked this as a summary of where Labour is and how we, as a country, got here.

  12. Accelerationism: how a fringe philosophy predicted the future we live in | World news | The Guardian

    I’m ashamed to say that I was barely aware of much of this. How did that happen then? And until now? (via Buckslip)

  13. Introducing Stack Overflow Trends - Stack Overflow Blog

    Fascinating, particularly as the popularity of languages and frameworks over time is something one is vaguely aware of but never with much certainty. (via Daring Fireball)

  14. Choose your own business adventure – Buckley Williams

    Transcript of Nat Buckley’s talk about why you should quit your job and start your own company, which is very good.

  15. Servers for Hackers by Chris Fidao [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]

    Every time I think about buying this I forget the name and have to hunt around next time I think of it.

  16. My Year in San Francisco’s $2 Million Secret Society Startup - Motherboard

    And a third one from the “things I read in 2016 about weird cultish American groups and didn’t bookmark at the time but have stuck with me” file.

  17. Inside Superstar Machine, Which Ex-Members Say Is a Cult Preying on New York’s Creative Women

    And I also didn’t bookmark this, but it’s weirdness keeps popping up occasionally.

  18. Fitness Isn’t a Lifestyle Anymore. Sometimes It’s a Cult | WIRED

    I didn’t bookmark this when I read it but I’ve since mentioned it to 2 or 3 people, so. The November Project. (via @ph)

  19. #Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement - The New Yorker

    But that previous Guardian article is nothing compared to these people and their lives as brand and product pushers. Ugh.

  20. Putting you in the picture: yes, you can earn a living on Instagram | Money | The Guardian

    After arguing about this… it annoys me a lot because I wanted the internet to give individuals the power of the media’s reach so they could share their thoughts, passions, views, etc, and didn’t realise they’d also ape the media’s more dubious methods of making money by shilling for brands.

  21. Portfolio Charts – a picture is worth a thousand calculations

    Mainly saving this simply because, rarely for a personal finance site involving data and charts, it looks reasonably designed.

  22. Savings Rate - the four pot solution - 7 Circles

    An interesting spreadsheet for planning savings for retirement that I hadn’t seen before. UK based.

  23. Speculating Futures

    A reading list. “Speculating Futures looks at past speculative narratives, like those of Ursula K. Le Guin, and past attempts at creating technological utopia, like Chile’s Cybersyn.”

  24. Podcast Out – The New Inquiry

    “A sense of ennui and overdetermination binds the audience of NPR podcasts together in a bloc of obnoxious explainerism.” I don’t listen to many podcasts but this sounds right to my fact-free prejudices. (via Buckslip)

  25. Best VPN Services 2017 Has to Offer (+ Reviews) -

    Looks like a good review of which VPNs to choose. They *sound* unbiased… (via Brett Terpstra)

  26. Closing Communities: FFFFOUND! vs MLKSHK

    Comparing how the two websites are closing down.