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2022-10-11 (Tuesday)


  1. New and old, big and small

    On W. David Marx’s description of Generation X as cultural crate-diggers, the Band Aid-era division between mainstream and indie, and identifying when Britain split.


  1. The X of Generation X

    W. David Marx: “…the loudest complaints about ‘cultural stasis’ tend to come from Gen X adults whose cultural interests have long been anchored in obscure and openly-artistic cultural forms.” (via Russell Davies)


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    @urbnscl Ah yes, I missed that, thankfully. They don’t make it easy to like them do they. (understatement)

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    @urbnscl Uh oh, what happened?

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    Stable Diffusion VR
    Real-time immersive latent space. 🔥
    Small clips are sent from the engine to be diffused. Once ready, they're queued back into the projection.
    Tools used:
    #aiart #vr #stablediffusionart #touchdesigner #deforum

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    This baby's laugh is the greatest thing you'll hear all day 😂