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  1. Conifer | Homepage

    “a web archiving service that creates an interactive copy of any web page … including … playing video and audio, scrolling, clicking buttons, and so forth.” Was By Rhizome.

  2. My Notebook System - ratfactor

    If I ever think weeknotes and any other logging I do is excessive, I can just read this to comfort myself. (via Orbital Operations, which has re-emerged)

  3. Everything all the time and everywhere - by Ryan Broderick

    I’m trying to imagine anyone at the mainstream press having this kind of insight, or even interest, in what happens in various parts of online (in this case about Ukraine). Such a shame they feel it’s beneath them.

  4. The Wadsworth Constant | Know Your Meme

    “… the first 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no worthwhile or interesting information.” (via Garbage Day)

  5. Search: dopplr annual report | Flickr

    Screenshots on Flickr of Dopplr personal reports from 2008 is some heavy nostalgia fuel.

  6. SoundGym | Audio Ear Training Online

    I’ve only tried three free games but this seems great, if a little confusing. Although I don’t think I’m into it enough to pay for it.

  7. yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

    I didn’t know there was this fork of youtube-dl that is now considered the thing to use for YouTube downloading. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  8. Atlas Minor • Morning Man

    For the contrast between the morning fantasy routine and the reality. Also: “Nobody works at becoming a night owl, do they?”

  9. alberti42/Volume-Control: Successor of iTunes Volume Control

    Control or Spotify volume (and not the system volume) with your Mac’s keyboard’s volume controls.

  10. Insulate Britain! Yes, but by how much? | EssaysConcerning

    On the different objectives when insulating houses and changing to heat pumps, and how much you need to insulate, and when, before getting a pump. (via @economicalnick)

  11. The FBI is going crazy stringboard crazy.

    Crazy walls in Slate, with a quote from me.

  12. Wordle Sold to the NY Times. And That’s a Good Thing.

    I have zero interest in Wordle but this is a lovely piece by Jason Kottke.

  13. Slingshot Organizer – Slingshot

    I’d never heard of this diary. “…with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression.”(via All My Stars)

  14. Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose — Nick Janetakis

    Such a good, detailed explanation of how and why things are done in Docker, in his several example GitHub repos.

  15. Onlooker Postcards | Flickr

    Fantastic collection of postcards that all feature a person looking out at the view. Oddly eerie. (via Web Curios)

  16. Clair Wills · Life Pushed Aside: The Last Asylums · LRB 18 November 2021

    Very long and good history of a psychiatric hospital in the 20th century, outsider art, and the authors’ mother and grandparents who worked there. More interesting than I initially expected.

  17. Adam Tooze · Ecological Leninism: Drill, baby, drill · LRB 6 November 2021

    A second article on Andreas Malm in the same issue. Makes me think I should read ‘White Skin, Black Fuel’ and/or ‘How to Blow up a Pipeline’.

  18. James Butler · A Coal Mine for Every Wildfire: Where are the ecoterrorists? · LRB 6 November 2021

    On the climate crisis, Andreas Malm, direct action, “fossil fascism”, where we’re trying to get to, and how.

  19. Robert Elms + Christina Wilson (@high_in_the_sky_2021) • Instagram photos and videos

    Chronicling their (now finished) reconfiguring and rebuilding of a Barbican tower flat.

  20. Processed World

    Archive of a magazine created by temp workers in San Francisco’s financial district in the 1980s. (via Web Curios)

  21. My Inky Dashboard - Matthew Somerville

    I didn’t know you could get colour e-ink screens, and this project looks nice and do-able.

  22. Do the verdicts in the trial of the Colston 4 signal something wrong with our jury system? 10 things you should know – The Secret Barrister

    A really clear description of all the possible reasons the verdict could have been “not guilty”. (via FaveJet)

  23. London Cafes in The 1980s - Flashbak

    Lots of nice photos by Peter Marshall. (via FaveJet)

  24. Map Finder - with Outlines - National Library of Scotland

    I’m sure I’ve seen this before, but I always forget it. Browsable historical Ordnance Survey maps of the UK.

  25. Bench Mark Database

    Database of bench marks that were used by Ordnance Survey to position their levelling staves.

  26. hartator/wayback-machine-downloader: Download an entire website from the Wayback Machine.

    Ruby script. I can see this being useful one day. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  27. GlitchTip

    Open source alternative to Sentry’s error tracking. Host it yourself, or hosted plans starting from free.

  28. The Gloucester Road Story

    Nice. What business was in each location on the road (in Bristol) since 1870.

  29. The Safe Withdrawal Rate Series – A Guide for First-Time Readers – Early Retirement Now

    A 49-part (!) series of blog posts about safe withdrawal rates for retirement. (via Monevator)