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  1. Coronavirus tracked: has your country’s epidemic peaked? | Free to read | Financial Times

    Good (terrifying) charts. Nice that there’s a lot of explanation too.

  2. Basecamp: Until the End of the Internet

    Even if they didn’t make this specific commitment, having *any* public policy about how long you plan to run a site/service for, or the conditions under which you would close it, is refreshing. (via @simonw)

  3. The Gentle Author’s Coronavirus Diary | Spitalfields Life

    This, and the linked piece, ‘On Recovering From The Coronavirus’, are lovely gentle writing. Also features Pepys.

  4. Gen Z Is Making Fun Of Millennials On TikTok

    I’ve enjoyed the relationships between generations since Gen X, so. (via Please Like Me)


    Nice personal playlist project by Hanif Abdurraqib. (via Football Morning in America)

  6. Weeknotes 031 - Making all the Things

    A lovely collection of tools. A reminder that being able to code is really useful for scratching personal itches.

  7. Quotebacks

    Simple tool for quoting other sites in your posts. Seems very nicely done, and with good intentions. By Tom Critchlow and Toby Shorin.

  8. ‘We were let loose’: my art school days, by Peter Blake, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Steve McQueen and more | Life and style | The Guardian

    I love reading stuff like this – and how directors made their first film – even though it makes me feel inadequate.

  9. How to Survive an Apocalypse and Keep Dreaming | The Nation

    Native Americans “are a postapocalyptic people”. (via Kottke)

  10. 365posterblog. – All the best vintage graphics and poster news from around the web

    Not just posts about nice posters but also lots for sale. (via @undermanager)

  11. Walton Secondary School 1950/60s films by Lou Broom | Walton Tales

    These are quite charming and a bit “folk horror”. Probably best to turn the sound off.

  12. Free German Online Courses Level A1 to B1 | DW Learn German

    These seem really good, especially for free. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  13. Darius Kazemi on Twitter: “For example: the One Piece Treasure Cruise…”

    Fascinating thread on how Twitter accounts might be classified as “bots” when they could be “normal” people, cross-postings, auto-postings from games, etc. (via FaveJet)

  14. Coronagrifting: A Design Phenomenon | McMansion Hell

    On Dezeen, Designboom, etc. showing endless “designs” that are nothing more than a publicity-hungry Photoshop job. If only this was only a problem during Coronavirus. (via Pluralistic)

  15. UK Rave YouTube Comments (@UKRaveComments) / Twitter

    These are lovely. (via Imperica Web Curios)

  16. LEM Swap UK | Low End Mac

    Maybe this is a good place to find a home for some of those old OS/application CDs I still have… (via Ask MetaFilter)

  17. Formally Known As The Bollocks : John Peel Sessions

    Links to nearly all Peel Sessions on YouTube. (via several places)

  18. TV Chart

    Charting IMDb ratings of a TV show’s episodes over its seasons. I assume this is the same as the one that used to exist but had issues with the API? Anyway, I still like it. (via Imperica)

  19. The Movie Database (TMDb)

    “A community built movie and TV database” that I’d never heard of. Has an API.

  20. Using an iPad for Photography Workflows: A Complete Guide – The Sweet Setup

    I barely even look at photos on my iPad but I liked Marius Masalar’s guide.

  21. Convincing-looking 90s fonts in modern browsers –

    Excellent work. Also, that first “blobby” potrace attempt looks wonderfully 1990s Template Gothic-like. (via Waxy)

  22. Erin Maglaque · Inclined to Putrefaction: In Quarantine · LRB 9 February 2020

    Published in February, this review of a book about how 17th century Florence coped with the plague now seems very knowing.

  23. Empty sets - BBC Archive

    “Give your video calls a makeover, with this selection of over 100 empty sets from the BBC Archive.” Very good. (via @wonderlandblog)

  24. WIRED Union

    Excellent, Wired employees are unionising. US only, I assume? (via Pluralistic)

  25. Due to COVID-19: Documenting the signs of the pandemic

    I love the collecting of ephemeral things that otherwise escape this kind of more permanent attention. (via Waxy)

  26. Home | The Permanent Legacy Foundation

    A nonprofit charity (in the US) offering permanent online archiving.