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  1. Tree views in CSS

    A collapsible tree view made out of lists and detail elements, no JavaScript. Witchcraft. (via Adactio)

  2. Supply Studies Syllabus - Supply Studies

    “This document … presents a series of readings in areas of interest to the critical study of logistics.” Looks fascinating. (via Scope of Work)

  3. Atlas Minor • 2022 Rotation

    I haven’t heard any of these albums yet, but the descriptions are excellent.

  4. How To Develop Good Taste, Pt. 1 — Die, Workwear!

    On how taste, especially in clothing, has changed and become more fragmented.

  5. blissblog: A Blogging Renaissance

    Simon Reynolds on the joys of blogging, after twenty years of it. Does he have more active blogs than anyone else?

  6. what do you want from the internet? - by Brian Feldman

    “It’s been weird to watch people who have never had to leave an internet haunt before be confronted with an eviction.”

  7. Exit, by Hari Kunzru

    On the early Wired UK, and the desire of libertarians to escape political, social and financial constraints.

  8. Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2022

    It’s the happiest time of the year. (NB: Not necessarily happy songs.)

  9. Best Smart Heating Controls - Compatibility Guide

    Thorough-looking survey of smart thermostats for UK boilers. (via FaveJet)

  10. How to buy a social network, with Tumblr CEO Matt Mullenweg - The Verge

    Good, long interview. On Twitter’s financial situation: “That’s a pickle.”

  11. I Don’t Want to Be an Internet Person

    ”Eventually, we will stop pretending that the internet is a sideshow and that our real culture, the better culture, is somewhere else.” (via Web Curios)

  12. Katherine Rundell · Consider the Hummingbird · LRB 3 November 2022

    “…in 1888 an auction house in London sold 400,000 hummingbird skins in one single, bloody afternoon.”

  13. A year of new avenues

    “I want to insist on an ama­teur internet; a garage internet; a pub­lic library internet; a kitchen ta­ble inter­net. Now, at last, in 2023, I want to tell the tech CEOs and ven­ture capitalists: pipe down. Buzz off. Go fave each other’s tweets.”

  14. How to transfigure wireframes into HTML - HTMHell

    Nice description of the thinking and semantics involved.

  15. The Online Photographer: Color Management Made Very Simple (for Beginners and Others)

    I was surprised how readable and understandable that was, given how my eyes usually glaze over at this stuff.

  16. An Interactive Guide to Flexbox in CSS

    I thought I broadly understood flexbox but this brilliant guide made me realise how little I properly understood. (via Adactio)

  17. — A place for focused writing.

    Not sure I’d seen this before. Seems like a good, simple, blogging site with email subscriptions, micropayments, ActivityPub, etc.

  18. Defective Altruism ❧ Current Affairs

    “I think it tells you quite a lot about Effective Altruism that someone can say in all seriousness ‘I’ve decided to stop working on evidence-backed poverty relief programs and start working on stopping Skynet from The Terminator, because I think it is the most rational use of my time.’”

  19. Fediverse bots | Botwiki

    Listing bots that are on Mastodon.

  20. How a Ghostwriter Makes $200,000 a Year Writing Tweets for Top Silicon Valley Investors

    “We’ve been living in the metaverse for 15 years. We live in a technology-mediated reality. There are no facts. Narrative is the only thing that matters. Everything is propaganda.” (via Money Stuff)

  21. Welcome to hell, Elon - The Verge

    “The essential truth of every social network is that the product is content moderation, and everyone hates the people who decide how content moderation works.”

  22. A tour of Django server setups

    A really nice, gradually more complex, overview of the different ways you could set up webservers, databases, etc.

  23. Metafilter Wants You - The Fundraising Post! | MetaTalk

    It’s nearly out of cash and needs to increase donation income by a lot more than it managed last time it did a fundraising drive.

  24. The Hollow Core of Kevin Kelly’s “Thousand True Fans” Theory

    A critique of the essay in light of 2022’s internet. (via Things Magazine)