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Writing tagged Acting

  1. Creation groups

    Although last week’s creation group was frustrating, it all ended OK in Monday’s performance. Now we’ve got a more challenging task, as a single large group.

  2. Not feeling it

    Getting more frustrated and annoyed with myself, and feeling a bit out of it.

  3. Masks, tension and being upside down

    Our first encounter with masks, the first three levels of tension, and my inability to do headstands and backward rolls.

  4. Week two

    Any hope I had of maintaining a decent frequency of tediously detailed writing about my LISPA…

  5. Deference and diffidence

    In today’s improvisation class we had a task that was both minimal but also tricky and very…

  6. Forward rolls

    I haven’t done a forward roll for nearly twenty years, and couldn’t do it well then. I managed it, but only just.

  7. First two days

    The timetable, the students, realising that I’m going to be doing this every day for a while.

  8. Final Lilia Litviak thoughts

    One last thing… well, three. There are three thoughts I wanted to write down that sprung from the _Lilia Litviak_ performances so here they are before I lose my notes…

  9. Lilia Litviak performances

    All of a sudden it’s over. Two performances, and that’s it. Thankfully the thing seemed to work and people enjoyed themselves.

  10. Lilia Litviak technical rehearsal

    The technical rehearsal was difficult. I’ve no idea how good the final performance will be.

  11. Lilia Litviak dress rehearsal

    The dress rehearsals went fairly well, and the inexpensive costumes look great. But we’ve only the technical rehearsal to go before the performance.

  12. Lilia Litviak run-throughs

    We were prepared for our first run-throughs to be pretty ropey, but they were far worse than we expected.

  13. Lilia Litviak rehearsals

    The process of putting the play together, creating it pretty much from scratch, and how difficult it can be with a very stylised play.

  14. Lilia Litviak workshops

    How we started work on turning the script into a play.

  15. See me in a play

    I’m going to be in a play about Lilia Litviak, a female World War II Soviet fighter pilot.

  16. Encore Theatre Magazine

    The weblog is back in fine form with lots of top-flight passionate ranting.

  17. Summer clown school

    I’ve done a week-long clowning course at the City Lit which was lots of fun and very difficult. Really useful for acting generally.

  18. I’m going to drama school

    In a few months I’m going to start at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts), pretty much full time. Blimey.

  19. ‘True and False’ by David Mamet

    My notes on the book, in which Mamet rants against acting eduction, acting teachers, The Method… everything other than the actor getting on stage in front of an audience and delivering the author’s lines.

  20. Foundation course final essay

    The final essay I wrote about the course — what had worked for me and what hadn’t.

  21. The Collection performance

    After rehearsals over several weeks we finally performed our ten minute scene in front of an audience.

  22. The Collection dress rehearsal

    Our dress rehearsal went almost worryingly well.

  23. The Collection Rehearsals part 3

    Continuing with rehearsals. Lots of fruit malarkey and finally getting somewhere with my character.

  24. ‘Sanford Meisner on Acting’

    Notes on Meisner’s enjoyable and inspiring book.

  25. ‘Respect for Acting’ by Uta Hagen

    Notes on the book, which has been required reading for my Foundation acting course.