First two days

So I’m now a drama student, which is a scary thought, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’ll be doing this every day. Yesterday was just introductions — we entered the large room we’ll be spending our days in, we met most of the teachers and we had the usual first day of class thing of everyone in turn saying who they are, where they’re from and why they’re here. Then lots of mingling and forgetting everyone’s names.

This is the first year LISPA have had two first year groups — one (which I’m in) has classes morning-afternoon, the second is afternoon-evening. There are just over thirty people in my group, which is a rather lot, but the space is big enough that it doesn’t feel too crowded so far. For some classes, like Voice and Acrobatics(!), the group is further split in two. Most of the students are from somewhere other than the UK, with the US, continental Europe and South America probably the most frequent countries of origin. Everyone seems enthusiastic and pleasant so far,and its strange to think how well we’ll get to know each other over the next few months.

We now have our timetable but I can’t be bothered to type the whole thing out. Each class is about 60-90 minutes long and we have: four Improvisation classes, two Movement Analysis, and one each of Devising Skills, Acrobatics, Physical Preparation, Voice, and Movement Foundation. (Don’t ask me for a description of the Movement classes yet as I don’t know the difference.)

We also have three periods in which we work on our weekly presentations. Each week we’re in groups of five/six people (different each week), are given a theme, and we work on something to present to the whole group the following Monday. What with that, the Improvisation classes and the Devising Skills, the emphasis on creating new work is clear from the start.

My days will start at either 8.15 or 10.00 and finish between 12.30 and 3.00, without a lunch break. That’s not quite as intense as I’d expected, which is mainly because of the group being split in two, so some periods half the group doesn’t need to be around. There’s also a couple of extra hours (“Space Lab”; no I’ve no idea) on Saturdays which is a surprise!

Er, that’s it for now.


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