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See me in a play

After all that reading about me learning to act now’s your chance to come and see me in a play. OK, I haven’t got a starring role or anything in Lilia Litviak: Fighter Ace, seeing as it’s about a group of female, World War II, Soviet fighter pilots and me acting as a woman is not something the stage is ready for. To the point: come and see the show and buy tickets now — we need to sell some tickets sharpish to pay in advance for the venue.

It’s £10 per ticket, which will go towards: hiring the Conway Hall (near Holborn tube in London) for two nights (5th and 6th of October); ferrying some of the elderly part of the audience to and from the venue; and whatever costumes and props we can manage. In the unlikely event we make a profit it’ll go to charity.

We’ve been working on the play for a few months now and rehearsals are becoming more frequent and we’re making good progress. We’re developing the performance during rehearsal, using text from letters and survivors of the period. It won’t be a realistic play — not much of characters standing around talking to each other — but there’ll be a lot of action of one form or another.

Will it work? We very much hope so, and if you’re at all interested, please do buy tickets now, tell friends and anyone else interested in female fighter pilots, and come along. Thanks.


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Friday 11 August 2006, 12:42pm

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