Week 338

I nearly forgot to write this week. Although, when work is quiet, I wonder if it’s better to leave gaps, or to still write, to make clear that not all Weeknotes writers are horribly productive and thrusting and world-changing.

Yesterday I added the final set of content into the Misfits site so, pending a few tweaks and assuming nothing goes horribly wrong in the next couple of weeks, that’s largely over (for me) now.

The past week I was plodding on with reading about Django, feeling the need to start making something, and spending too long writing moaning blog posts. These always take longer to write than I expect — the best part of a day each — and often leave me feeling oddly exposed and, again, like I need to make something, rather than only critiquing other peoples’ things. I don’t know how full-time critics manage it, unless they also do.

I’ve turned down a couple of pieces of work this week which, aside from making me nervous about being so bold, makes me think about what kind of work I want to do (assuming I’m lucky enough that money isn’t an immediately pressing criteria). The current rule of thumb is that I want to make things that excite me or interest me (ideally that I would use myself) and/or that will involve me learning something new. Collaborating with good people is a bonus. I really, really need to get more specific about what I want to do though.


  • Hey Phil,

    I've gottit: build an app that figures out what people want to do, and then tells them (possibly in 140 characters).

    The interface will be simple:
    Large button that says "what do I want to do?" which you press.
    (Not sure how the back end works yet, but it will be fiendishly clever, could use django and will probably involve html5 and downloadable fonts) and it comes back with your answer:
    "Teach ravens to fly under water." or whatever.

    Both an interesting project *and* useful, I think you'd have to agree. (plus, Facebook'd be dirty for it..)
    Hope this helps

  • This sounds great! The back end will probably sort itself out along the way, once I've decided on what colour to make the page.

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