Top Tunes 2009

Last year I got so involved in trying to get my “favourite tunes of 2008” list just right that I never finished it or posted anything. So this year I’m not treating it like a big deal and will get this done within an hour…

Some tracks I’ve liked a lot this year, in no particular order:

Voxtrot — The Start of Something

This is at least three years old, but I bought the [Kids At The Club]( compilation this year and this is the first track. I could, and have, play it over and over again. Also, listen and download the MP3 free [at]( ### Carl Sagan — A Glorious Dawn

I [wrote about this]( in October, and you can [get the free MP3 here]( ### The Deirdres — Milk is Politics

I heard this at the end of 2008, but never mind; I didn’t do a list last year and I played this a lot in 2009 too. Twee young folk xylophone nonsense. [The Deirdres on Myspace]( ### Cassie — Me and You (Cabide DJ mix) Another one I heard in 2008 but which I kept playing. To hear it you’ll have to go to [Cabide DJ’s download page]( and click “Montagem Cassie - Me And You Cabide Dj” to download the free MP3. I tried a couple of other tracks and they’re also crazy sample cut-up Brazilian DJ madness. I love music that sounds broken. Originally heard on the [Mudd Up! podcast]( ### Camera Obscura — Honey in the Sun

Hard to decide which track to choose from My Maudlin Career ([on Spotify](, with French Navy ([on YouTube]( a close second. I love the horns. ### Emmy the Great — Canopies and Drapes

(Or Canopies and Grapes in some places.) I could pick almost any track from First Love (hear it all at []( or on [Spotify]( I’d heard most of them in previous years, but the album’s release means I can use any of them again this year. Seeing her live in store at [Pure Groove]( was a good point of the year. ### DJ Earworm — United States of Pop 2008

I didn’t know most of these tracks (like I don’t know most of the ones in 2009’s version) but I love a good mashup and this sounds fantastic. Amazing. Download the free MP3 [at DJ Earworm’s site]( ### Durrty Goodz — Switching Songs pt 2

I’m not pretending to be into whatever kind of music this is (Grime? Garage? No idea) but I love this. The speed, the changes in rhythm, the excitement, the relentlessness. I should find more of whatever it is. ### God Help the Girl — Act of the Apostle

I’m melting. Wow. It’s hard to choose a particular track from their album (self-titled, on [Spotify]( as it’s all wonderful. Seeing them at the 100 Club, from which that video’s taken, was one of the life-affirming high points of the year. Also try, at YouTube, not live, [God Help the Girl]( and [I’ll Have To Dance With Cassie]( ### Pocketbooks — Footsteps

Like Los Campesinos’ You! Me! Dancing!, Pocketbooks’ Cross the Line has been gently fighting its way onto my end-of-year lists for consecutive years. So here’s a different track from a band who I’ve probably now seen live more than any other, more by accident than design to be honest, but I do very much like them. Their album, Flight Paths, came out this year, isn’t on Spotify, but you can buy it from [their site]( or hear more [at MySpace]( ### Pomplamoose - Single Ladies

Seems to be a big hit on the web (I came across it via Kottke) and justifiably so. A lovely cover of an awesome pop song. You can download it for free, plus other tunes, [on MySpace]( So, there we go, the hour’s deadline is coming round and we’re done for 2009. It appears that my recent musical loves are either tuneful, sickeningly twee indie-pop or crazy, speedy, mashed-up oddness. Other things I’ve listened to this year include: the excellent [Dandelion Radio](; various old NME compilation cassettes ([Pogo a Go Go!](, [Jive Wire](, [Mad Mix II]( and [Ace Case]( (and see the comments on that post for links to loads more on Divshare)); and a load of [old techno]( which has, sadly, completely disappeared. Oh, and in the summer I played [this mix]( quite a bit, so save it up for a few months and give it a spin in summer 2010.

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31 Dec 2009 at Twitter

  • 11:47pm: @alanconnor Yes, I'd like to hear something that leaves the guests picking their jaws and ears off the floor. I need a non-smug New Year.
  • 9:45pm: #10yearsago I was back from Houston for a month, working at Chello in Amsterdam, and celebrating new year at @twisty's mum's in France.
  • 8:53pm: Snow Patrol at number 1?! I take back my contrition. What idiots voted for this? We're doomed as a civilization.
  • 8:46pm: That was a bit snooty. There are a few songs there I haven't heard (including most of 'Crazy') but there is some good music occasionally.
  • 8:39pm: At a friend's for dinner, realising how few of C4's best music of the decade I've even heard. Thankfully. I'm doing something right.
  • 3:54pm: Ignore me... played a song, the count on my "Last 12 months" chart updated. Live. Nice. Should have tried first.
  • 3:42pm: Anyone know how to tell exactly what period my "Last 12 months" charts cover? Are they "live"? When do they update?
  • 12:42pm: @danhon I certainly rolled my eyes. Slightly. Behind my goggles. While peoples' backs were turned.
  • 12:28pm: A poor final swim of 2009: the lane divider was out being cleaned, so veritable lane chaos ensued! Pure anarchy! Carnage! Mildly vexing.
  • 10:48am: @plasticbagUK Haven't you heard? After people fetishising notebooks and newspapers, weblogs are the next retro media to be fashionable!
  • 10:22am: @plasticbagUK You should get one of those weblog things Tom - I hear they're going to be huge in the next decade! :)