Week 337

Paying work is now tailing off and I suspect there won’t be more than the odd day or two between now and sometime in 2010. Which is fine, but means I need to be more strict with myself about getting things done.

When working for clients I’m fine with working regular hours and not getting too distracted by email, feeds, Twitter, etc. But when there’s no sense of owing someone a full day of work, and I can essentially do what I like, it’s easy to feel constantly busy but not achieve anything substantial, useful, beautiful, etc.

Last week’s progress, Misfits aside, was slowed a little by spending hours playing with a wonderful beta product made by some friends, and then spending a day ill in bed. I don’t think the two are related.

This week… More progress with Django and writing up some nebulous ideas about the past and future of web design which have been nagging at me for months. If nothing else I need to extract them into text to free up brain space.

Finally, two fellow web freelancers around London, who both seem plenty busy, have started writing week notes too: Paul Pod and Dorian Moore.

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1 Dec 2009 at Twitter

  • 5:54pm: @phl No, no programming (only learning about it, which is pleasant, not frustrating). No idea what's caused it. Grrrrraarrrr.
  • 5:41pm: @yoz I thought the breeze coming from west of London smelled especially fragrant this evening.
  • 5:30pm: Why have I been angry all afternoon? I have nothing to be angry about. Grrrrrr. This makes me angry.
  • 12:18pm: @frabcus You could use http://github.com/simonw/mytweets and then search your personal twitter archive?
  • 9:47am: Could anyone I know use around 600 HO/OO scale (tiny) plastic WWII soldiers and some tanks? Let me know before they fight the eBay campaign.