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Links tagged with “travel”

  1. Find Cities in Your Budget - The Earth Awaits

    Filter global cities by cost of living, crime rate, pollution, language, attitudes, healthcare, etc.

  2. American-on-American Action Abroad: Sorry For Travel Writing At You

    “Watching two British people run into one another in America is a wholly different type of delight, like watching two grifters trying to run the same scam in a small town instantly clock one another and freeze during a game of high-stakes poker.”

  3. The Quiet Ones -

    On the Amtrak quiet carriage. I’ve almost given up on UK quiet carriages as they never are, and are therefore extra annoying. Also, the New York Times is apparently “regrettably” unable to print the word “assholes”?! (via Kottke)

  4. Pay as you go sim with data Wiki

    This could be very handy when going to Abroad.

  5. with a Volcano Ashes Layer

    Similar to, but includes a “Volcano Ashes Layer” on the map.

  6. HomeAway Vacation Rentals: Beach Houses, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Vacation Rental Homes

    Could do with “sort by distance from a given point” and better maps of each place’s location, but handy otherwise.

  7. Walking Off the Big Apple

    “A strolling guide to New York City.” I’m planning a few days there in March, and I like walking around cities. Looks like a good place to start.

  8. Preoccupations: Berlin

    I keep meaning to go to Berlin, and David’s collected some great tips and links and background.

  9. | The Remotest place on Earth

    Lovely images. I guess it’s something like Space Syntax but for the entire planet. (via Matt Jones)

  10. AirBed & Breakfast: Better Than a Cheap Hotel

    A way for people to rent out rooms or apartments. More formal arrangements for paying than Craig’s List, a step up from Couch Surfing. Got a nice (I hope) place for SXSW here.

  11. The little page of TRANSPORT CHAOS

    Great idea. Love the descriptions of chaos levels. Longer-term graphs would be nice.

  12. Cool Tool: Adventure Cycling

    The woman cycling across the USA on the Saturday Guardian’s Travel section back page has got me intrigued…

  13. LAPL Virtual Photo: Far and Wide

    Wonderful collection of 1920s and 1930s travel posters advertising exotic destinations like California, Bermuda and North Wales. (Click the little ‘Next Page’ link, bottom right.) (via Drawn!)

  14. Where the Hell is Matt?

    Pick-you-up, swing-you-around uplifting, brilliant, simple genius. Would be 33% even better without the sponsor’s logo at the end. (via Haddock)

  15. MySociety - Travel-time Maps and their Uses

    Lovely maps of travel times around the UK by Lightfoot & Steinberg, data wranglers to the Ministry. (via Haddock)

  16. Travel Time Tube Map (Built with Processing)

    Not sure how I missed this Tom Carden awesomeness before. Beats other tube maps into cocked hats. (via Haddock)

  17. Experimental Travel - Lonely Planet Online

    Interesting guide to going on holiday differently. (via Nick, who describes it as “Psychogeography and Related Bobbins for Beginners”)

  18. How to: the bag-packing edition : Lifehacker

    Links to guides on packing bags and backpacks, and living out of a single bag.

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