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2010-01-09 (Saturday)


  1. Walking Off the Big Apple

    “A strolling guide to New York City.” I’m planning a few days there in March, and I like walking around cities. Looks like a good place to start.

  2. Why Leslie Harpold’s Sites Disappeared | Workbench

    Sad-making. For the record, I would love it if everything I’ve ever put online remains available after my death. (via Haddock)

  3. Dave’s Mechanical Pencils: Uni Kuru Toga

    A pencil in which the lead rotates when you press down so you don’t get a sloping point. Plus: a blog about mechanical pencils! (via Crackunit)

  4. Knitwear from House of Bruar

    Also recommended in some forum for Scottish wool jumpers.

  5. Pakeman Catto and Carter

    Recommended in some forum for Scottish wool sweaters.

  6. Hotel 414 | Official Website

    Cheapish Midtown West New York hotel, recommended by Leslie.


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    @Annie_M Not sure what a matrix is, although folk are trying to clarify it here:

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    Registered for SXSW. Not actually very excited about the sessions, but excited about being in the US again, and hanging out with friends.

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    I am officially "quirky and enterprising"! They also say "young", but that was six years ago.

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    What is the point of physical shops when you trudge round them and they never have the model, size, colour you want, so you order online.

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    @smagdali If it's any consolation, Zone 1 is largely snow-free.

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    @antimega The bad ideas dinosaur has said the same thing to us. Off we go…