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Links tagged with “siliconroundabout”

  1. How London’s Silicon Roundabout dream turned into a nightmare | WIRED UK

    One of the suggested tags for this article as I add it to Pinboard is “corruption”.

  2. The story of London’s tech scene, as told by those who built it | WIRED UK

    Or, a spotty history of some mostly venture-funded big digital businesses from only the past decade.

  3. An oral history of “Silicon” Roundabout | Forward Partners

    One that sounds familiar to me! Well, a lot of it does anyway. I’d still like to read one of these that starts earlier - it wasn’t a wasteland before 2008.

  4. How London’s Silicon Roundabout really got started — European technology news

    Brilliant - really glad this got written up. Matt Biddulph’s timeline of how “Silicon Roundabout” became a thing.

  5. Old Street – putting the genie back in the bottle? | The power of the network

    Yes (except when he says “Old Street” he means “Old Street Roundabout”). Putting a big building in the middle of a horrific, people-unfriendly space won’t help much. I’d go further: pedestrianise everything from the Foundry to the roundabout. (via @cityofsound)

  6. On Shoreditch & informal innovation

    Alexandra on startup “hubs” and the changes in Shoreditch. Good stuff, if a bit depressing. I’d also like to read more about this with a longer perspective too. 2007 as a starting point is rather recent.

  7. Twitter / mattb: @philgyford those “estimat

    “@philgyford those “estimates” always upset me. I didn’t estimate, I wrote down the first 15 companies I could think of in half an hour.” Exactly.

  8. Demos | Publications - A Tale of Tech City

    Free download PDF of the report. Page 53 includes the “15 companies in 2008” meme as only one of several unreliable figures. (via @jwheare)

  9. Olympic Park legacy plan threatens Tech City growth, report warns | Business |

    “That compares with an estimated 15 companies as recently as 2008.” The Guardian trotting out that ridiculous stat yet again. Even the Demos report the article is about (but doesn’t link to) says that figure is only one of several unreliable ones.

  10. 00:/Blog - Silicon Roundabout’s ‘Start-up City’

    Ugh. How do you take the really ugly Old Street roundabout and make it even more ugly and hideous and somewhere you really wouldn’t want to be? Like this! (via @antimega)

  11. Silicon Roundabout Roundup

    Alex is tracking the ups and downs of events in the area via Tumblr.

  12. W. Brian Arthur vs Silicon Roundabout, ‘Start-Up Britain’ and other shake-and-bake approaches « Magical Nihilism

    Matt Jones on how you can’t just conjure an area like Shoreditch out of thin air and tax incentives. These things — locations, industries, technologies — take time and long-term ideas.

  13. C21Media: C21Media to launch Silicon Roundabout Insider

    Oh dear oh dear. Makes me feel punchy. That must also be a candidate for most unbearably animated page on the Internet. (via @mattb)

  14. Unboxed Consulting - Blog - TechHub and Silicon Roundabout

    James Darling on good form. It’s great that co-working offices like TechHub exist for people who want them, but TechHub’s press releases are a bit overblown, like something from one of the previous booms.

  15. The World’s Wannabe Silicon Valleys | Foreign Policy

    “Silicon Roundabout” in ‘Foreign Policy’ magazine. Off-the-cuff-idea + time = international technological free trade investment zone.

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