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2012-12-11 (Tuesday)


  1. [Updated] The rise and fall of personal computing | asymco

    Just spent a while trying to find these graphs, having seen them once before. So now they’re here. Really interesting, market share of computing platforms since 1975.

  2. How London’s Silicon Roundabout really got started — European technology news

    Brilliant - really glad this got written up. Matt Biddulph’s timeline of how “Silicon Roundabout” became a thing.


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    @jwheare “Previously on Previously on Homeland”.

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    @abscond You’ll miss ’To Buy Or Not To Buy’ and ‘Escape To The Country’!

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    Email from Facebook: “Hi Phil, You haven’t visited Pretend Office in a while…”

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    @engineeringdept @antimega When’s National Meggings Week?

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    @tedmills Same here. I’m sure it’s great for some people; the kinds of people who like to “connect” and swap business cards. But not me.

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    Looking forward the new LinkedIn profiles and their “deeper insights”. I bet they won’t be disappointing in any way.

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    Scientifically reassuring explanation of what seems to be 24-day (?) shelf life of 99p Store sandwiches, Camden