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2010-11-01 (Monday)


  1. Week 384

    Continuing with the large American client, and doing some things for Hypergame.


  1. Coming Home to Vim / Steve Losh

    Another handy Vim thing, this time about how one guy’s set up his environment. (via Tom Taylor again)

  2. MapCrunch - Random Google Street View

    Really simple idea, everyone’s linking to it, and it’s still very lovely. Instant momentary holiday.

  3. Django-messages - Project Hosting on Google Code

    App for allowing the sending of private messages between users of a site. Looks good at first glance.

  4. Blogging Ottinger (tim) :: Use VIM Like a Pro

    I may start working through this. I’ve never quite got over that vi learning hump. (via Tom Taylor)

  5. The World’s Wannabe Silicon Valleys | Foreign Policy

    “Silicon Roundabout” in ‘Foreign Policy’ magazine. Off-the-cuff-idea + time = international technological free trade investment zone.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    A good swim, then a chance meeting with @smagdali, through a productive day, ending with smashing @berglondon drinks: a grand Monday.