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2010-12-22 (Wednesday)


  1. Mare Street’s failed music venue Ocean to reopen as Hackney Picture House next year - News - Hackney Gazette

    Ooh, that’s good. I wish it had been a decent cinema when I lived up the road, rather than the ill-thought-out Ocean. (via @catfunt)

  2. Unboxed Consulting - Blog - TechHub and Silicon Roundabout

    James Darling on good form. It’s great that co-working offices like TechHub exist for people who want them, but TechHub’s press releases are a bit overblown, like something from one of the previous booms.


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    Bought enough food so that if we accidentally clone ourselves over Christmas, we'll all be fine. Be prepared.

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    @benterrett yes

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    .@rex3000 is a hard boss. I can't stop work without a shout of "FOCUS!" Hope I'm allowed to have some lunch. (He doesn't know I'm tweeting!)

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    @shiftrunstop Maybe you could film a future trailer on a PixelVision camera for that geek/retro feel:

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    Looking forward to @tomtaylor being in the BRIG for a day.