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  1. What do you call the parts of a story? Or: why can’t journalists spell “lead”? · The Ethically-Trained Programmer

    More interesting than lede vs lead which, oddly, doesn’t even come up, except in a comment. (via Simon Willison)

  2. ‘Bring pencils’ and 49 other things hurricane pros know | Poynter

    Tips for reporting from a hurricane. Good internal “documentation” from the Miami Herald.

  3. Dashboards and journalism: why we need to do better | Online Journalism Blog

    From 2015, a summary of some dashboard-type screens, mostly focused on the needs of journalists.

  4. 5 things I think journalism students need to know about technology — Thoughts on Media — Medium

    Good rules for lots of students and workers whose jobs come anywhere close to the internet. (via Russell Davies)

  5. Trevor Kavanagh learns a hard lesson about human rights and due process « Richard Wilson’s blog

    This is what I thought (only written much better) when I read about Trevor Kavanagh’s whining about the arrests of Sun journalists this morning. Live by the sword… (via @matlock)

  6. How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine

    A student journalism class puts together a newspaper using manual typewriters, scalpels, glue, analogue photography, etc. Sounds like a good exercise and not just because I’m old(ish). (via Waxy)

  7. Sustaining Local Journalism: new ways of funding local reporting | City University London

    One day conference on 13 May. Might be interested for anyone interested in that post I wrote yesterday about funding online news.

  8. I will commit £23.32 per month to a citizen-run news service for Leeds… – Matt Edgar

    Interesting… trying to get a regular, quality, local, online news-site funded. Not by individual readers paying, or by one deep-pocketed entity paying, but something in between. (via gilest)

  9. The Online Photographer: The World’s Best Photography Magazine Tries a Different Revenue Model

    For the bit about “vampire” publications, which rely on the journalism of others. eg, ‘The Week’. I reckon, when/if increasing numbers of traditional publishers charge money, there will be more of these vampires — well curated, re-written content, without original journalism, on a tiny budget.

  10. Doonesbury Strip - Oct 14, 2008

    “This *is* Rick Redfern, Post political reporter, right?” “Um… No. I write a blog now.” “Oh… I’m so sorry, man. I didn’t know.”

  11. The Economics of Blogging and The Huffington Post -

    “One reason that The Huffington Post gets a lot of criticism for not paying its bloggers is because most people think of it as a publishing company, when really — like Facebook — it is more of a technology company.” (via Daring Fireball)

  12. A Facebook story | A mother’s joy and a family’s sorrow | The Washington Post

    An obviously sad story, but actually bookmarked as an example of an annotated set of Facebook updates as a news story.

  13. Rawktumblr

    “The hunt for the next big thing has become a daily harvest of hundreds of next embarrassingly small things.” A bit more musing about music journalism/blogging today. (via Haddock)

  14. Sean In Tumblr

    “For journalists, bloggers and music fans in general, there is no real way to justify listening to one thing over another…” How a music website, never mind your average punter, struggles to cope with the amount of music around today. (via Haddock)

  15. LRB · John Lanchester · Let Us Pay

    On the future of the newspaper industry. Many good nuggets, including: “New York Times, if it stopped printing a physical edition of the paper, could afford to give every subscriber a free Kindle. Not the bog-standard Kindle, but the one with free global data access. And not just one Kindle, but four Kindles. And not just once, but every year.”

  16. Dinosaur media and the Internet both suck, a Booktrust story

    Francis Irving using the Booktrust funding u-turn story as an example of how most journalism never providws basic facts and resources that, these days, should be a no brainer.

  17. Mediagazer

    Don’t know if it’s good, but the method sounds interesting: “…the day’s must-read media news on a single page. … We’ve combined sophisticated automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from knowledgeable human editors…”

  18. Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project » Nieman Journalism Lab

    From Feb 2010. Wikinews’ combination of deadlines and less of a formula for story structure than Wikipedia has proved challenging for collaborative writing.

  19. 11 years old, on the pill and sexually active? The media loses the news again

    I’m increasingly interested in the real stories behind shouty news headlines. The kind of background digging Ben Goldacre, and Dr Petra here, does with science reporting needs to be done with most stories. (via Alice)

  20. John Graham-Cumming: Utter crap reporting from The Daily Telegraph

    Also read the previous post about the CNN story. Come *on* journalists — it’s not difficult to at least be adequate at your job.

  21. Dave Eggers on his favorite things about newspapers | Books | Interview | The A.V. Club

    An interview. I like, and share, his bemusement at newspapers’ reliance on wire stories when the world isn’t short of writers. (via Tom Taylor)

  22. Warren Ellis » Paper Nets

    “I keep wondering. What can a one-writer magazine look like?” Me too.

  23. Rescuing The Reporters « Clay Shirky

    On how much of a local newspaper is actual news, and suggesting that they should be non-profit organisations.

  24. The 3 key parts of news stories you usually don’t get at

    We get “What just happened”. We don’t get “The longstanding facts”, “How journalists know what they know” and “The things we don’t know”. Good stuff. (via Daring Fireball)

  25. BBC News | Technology | Vacuum-powered rubbish disposal

    “Britain’s first vacuum-powered waste-disposal system.” What, aside, for example, from Quarry Hill Flats in Leeds in the 1930s or the Barbican in the 1960s? BBC News mindlessly regurgitating press releases? Who’d have thought!

  26. April Fool Funeral at Improv Everywhere

    For the clip of the US TV news show lifting an April Fool from the Improv Everywhere site and reporting it as if it was real, without doing any checking.

  27. MediaShift . Can Crowdfunding Help Save the Journalism Business? | PBS

    I had this great idea… turns out it’s far from original, but it still sounds good. (via Haddock)

  28. Donnacha DeLong: The Journalist article

    Another dumb NUJ versus the forces of progress article. Established media is authoritative and experienced. Normal people are sometimes inaccurate. Therefore “Web 2.0” is bad. (via Haddock)

  29. The NUJ’s blinkered approach to online : October 2007 : Shane Richmond : Technology : Telegraph Blogs

    Brilliant dissection of a dumb article about the effect of new media on the role of journalists’. (via Haddock)

  30. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Confessions of a virtual virgin

    Newspaperman Roy Greenslade on coming to terms with being a blogger, and what journalists must now accept and learn.

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