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Links tagged with “ipad”

  1. Longplay

    iPhone and iOS app that focuses on playing albums. It’s very nice, and not expensive, but I wish there was a Mac version.

  2. Using an iPad for Photography Workflows: A Complete Guide – The Sweet Setup

    I barely even look at photos on my iPad but I liked Marius Masalar’s guide.

  3. External Microphones for iPhone 5, 4S, iPad and iPod Touch Audio input | Life is a

    A good roundup of this stuff, although from 2011. I’d like to find a similar thing a bit more recent. Still, always nice to see something quite thorough.

  4. The Magical Tech Behind Paper For iPad’s Color-Mixing Perfection | Fast Company

    I do like this use of maths to make something “feel” right to users. (via Daring Fireball)

  5. Ice-blog » Blog Archive » Lords of Midnight – Video Footage

    ‘Lords of Midnight’ adapted for the iPad. Looks very nicely done.

  6. The Guardian iPad App | The Ministry of Type

    A comprehensive, and very positive, overview of the user’s experience of the app’s design.

  7. The last spasms of a dying business model – Why the Guardian iPad App is a step into the past « The Tall Designer

    Criticisms of the Guardian’s iPad app, almost all of which I entirely disagree with.

  8. How the Guardian’s iPad app changed the way that I consumed news

    Martin Belam on the Guardian’s iPad app, and how it’s… well, it says in the title. (via Preoccupations)

  9. Discombobulated: Guardian iPad: Product challenges

    Jonathan Moore on the process of developing the new app, from a product point of view. (via Preoccupations)

  10. The Guardian iPad edition design evolution | Media |

    Images showing different stages from the process behind developing the new iPad app.

  11. Mark Porter » Blog Archive » New work: The Guardian iPad app

    His description of the design work behind the new app, which is very good indeed.

  12. LR-iTunes – Lightroom to iTunes plug-in - John Beardsworth

    A handy, free Adobe Lightroom plugin that makes it simple to export albums of photos to a folder that iTunes can then sync with your iPhone/iPad.

  13. A List Apart: Articles: A Simpler Page

    A bit about the problems of formatting long-form stuff for different screens, and then his solution, Bibiotype, an HTML/CSS/JS template, which is really gorgeous.

  14. iPad View Source Bookmarklet - Ravelrumba

    What it says. Could be handy. (via Daring Fireball)

  15. Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? « Read It Later Blog

    Interesting graphs of when ReadItLater users read stuff online, whether on desktop, iPhone or iPad. I definitely read less on my computer now I have an iPad. (via Kottke)

  16. Avatron Software: Air Display

    Six quid for this, but I had to give it a go (two screens aren’t enough!). Feels like magic: a wireless screen! But updating (eg, dragging windows) is pretty jerky and it can use 10-25% of my MacBook’s CPU when I’m dragging stuff on it, 15% if something is updating frequently (like Activity Monitor). Around 2% when idle. But could be very handy for some things.

  17. Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App

    A few people have mentioned this (article via Blech). It really is a very, very good iPhone app — aggregates your feeds from many services, displays them nicely in a diary, lets you export all the aggregated data. More than worth £1.19.

  18. Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed

    I’m no fan of Murdoch, but I suspect this article is all wrong: Daily editions could be good; Unfocused content can be interesting; News Corp is often right; Linkability may not matter to normal people. (via @revdancatt)

  19. Today’s News • on iPhone & iPad • Powered by the Guardian

    An iPad app that gives you a way to read The Guardian very much like my “Today’s Guardian” site. The sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

  20. Incompetence, Malice and ereading

    Yes, this. So many iPad magazines are focusing on the whizziness. I’d just want the easy-to-read-ness.

  21. Snoopy | View-source bookmarklet for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices

    Very handy. Also rather nice on desktop browsers too. (via Tim Brayshaw)

  22. Introduction - iui - iUI Introduction Wiki Page. - Project Hosting on Google Code

    A JavaScript/CSS framework thing for making web apps on iPhones etc. Haven’t looked into it yet.

  23. Hog Bay Software Blog - PlainText

    An iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that lets you read/write text files and sync them with Dropbox. (via Preoccupations)

  24. TouchScroll, a scrolling layer for WebKit mobile [update] « – the Ajax and JavaScript Experts

    Re-implementing scrolling for WebKit Mobile web browsers. Haven’t looked at the code yet, but the demo seems good.

  25. with Thomas Fuchs » Blog Archive » Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast

    Some handy tips, although some assume you’re building a website *only* for the iPad, and don’t need to worry about other platforms.

  26. Dealinium - jSlideTouch for Ipad & Iphone/Ipod using jQuery for content sliding

    Sliding content in a fixed-size element left/right or up/down on web pages on iPhone, iPad etc.

  27. iScroll | Matteo Spinelli’s

    A way to do scrolling content in a webpage in a fixed size element on iPhone. eg, lists of things.

  28. Rabble.rule: Detecting a swipe in WebKit

    Handy Javascript for using gestures on websites for the iPhone/iPad etc. (via Haddock)

  29. HOWTO: Native iPhone/iPad apps in JavaScript

    Nice, clear, simple summary of making websites work more like apps when viewed on iPhone/iPad.

  30. The Wired Tablet App: A Video Demonstration | Epicenter |

    Wired magazine’s demo of their tablet version. We’re going to end up with a different UI for every single magazine/publisher aren’t we…? Oh dear. Also: “At the bottom we have … the scrubber.” Ha ha!

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