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2010-06-18 (Friday)


  1. TouchScroll, a scrolling layer for WebKit mobile [update] « – the Ajax and JavaScript Experts

    Re-implementing scrolling for WebKit Mobile web browsers. Haven’t looked at the code yet, but the demo seems good.

  2. Search and Replace metadata in Lightroom

    “A Lightroom 2 and 3 plug-in designed for bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields.” Could be handy for some tidying up.

  3. Dailymotion - The Daily Show: An Energy-Independent Future - a News & Politics video

    Just in case you were even slightly optimistic after Obama promised US energy independence. They’ve been saying that for at least 36 years. Thirty. Six. Years.


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    "You know what I always say: If you plan ahead, then when things happen you're prepared." #kingofthehill

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    OK, time to go home, assuming I can get past the mouse alive.

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    Turning up the music to drown out the man sounds from the pub across the road. (Have found Mussel Bank, nearly done.)

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    I can't go home until I've located Mussel Bank on a map.

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    @benterrett Well, you were trying to interest the office in football.

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    One group of workmen smashing intact office furniture in a giant skip. Another group scavenging printer cartridges, stationery, accessories.

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    I've got that nervous, hope-they-don't-screw-it-up feeling that I always get before ITV broadcast an important footie match.