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2013-12-17 (Tuesday)



  1. Jenn $chiffer — Medium

    Really enjoying these posts. While Medium gives a weird fake authority to self-important blog posts from dotcom fools, it also gives a weird fake authority to these. Brilliant.

  2. External Microphones for iPhone 5, 4S, iPad and iPod Touch Audio input | Life is a

    A good roundup of this stuff, although from 2011. I’d like to find a similar thing a bit more recent. Still, always nice to see something quite thorough.


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    It’s almost worth all those unbearable Medium posts if it means we get @jennschiffer too Gold.

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    Great ‘Fresh Meat’ this week, nice and snappy. “Do you know what they do to posh people in prison?” “Let them out early?”

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    @robgrundel We found someone, thanks Rob. But coffee anyway would be good if you fancy, in the new year?

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    @jonty A TaskRabbit? Like a page-turner for musicians, but to remind you to have a break at *just* the right moment.

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    @phil_wright What's unsafe about normal ones…?

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    This strange looking urinal blew my pee all over the place. @sahilmalik