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2020-05-17 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-05-17

    Slaughter Beach, Dog; Westworld season two; and The Price of Everything.


  1. Formally Known As The Bollocks : John Peel Sessions

    Links to nearly all Peel Sessions on YouTube. (via several places)

  2. TV Chart

    Charting IMDb ratings of a TV show’s episodes over its seasons. I assume this is the same as the one that used to exist but had issues with the API? Anyway, I still like it. (via Imperica)

  3. The Movie Database (TMDb)

    “A community built movie and TV database” that I’d never heard of. Has an API.

  4. Using an iPad for Photography Workflows: A Complete Guide – The Sweet Setup

    I barely even look at photos on my iPad but I liked Marius Masalar’s guide.


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    The Best Popup Notifications

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    @paulnotpaulie We made some of those (a different recipe) a couple of weeks back - there’s a lot of wild garlic on one of the walks round here - and they were the tastiest thing I’ve eaten in ages. Didn’t last long.

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    @ade_oshineye Excellent, thanks!

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    Hi, we're doing just fine thank you

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    Lockdown day 56