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2010-10-07 (Thursday)

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  1. Bristol Wireless News » Blog Archive » petef RIP

    I only met Pete two or three times at various events - every time he was friendly and interesting…


  1. Incompetence, Malice and ereading

    Yes, this. So many iPad magazines are focusing on the whizziness. I’d just want the easy-to-read-ness.

  2. Walter Benjamin’s Aura: Open Bookmarks and the future eBook

    James Bridle again, saying and proposing wonderful things.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Almost reluctantly bought an iPad today, for research purposes. Turns out it really is as good as everyone said. Amazing. Future.

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    @edmittance Thanks for letting us know. I only met him a couple of times, but he seemed lovely.

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    @gilest Awww, yes, very. Thanks for retweeting.

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    Drunk on @stml's magic Aerobie coffee, listening to ultra-lettrist sound poetry.