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Links tagged with “flickr”

  1. Search: dopplr annual report | Flickr

    Screenshots on Flickr of Dopplr personal reports from 2008 is some heavy nostalgia fuel.

  2. Onlooker Postcards | Flickr

    Fantastic collection of postcards that all feature a person looking out at the view. Oddly eerie. (via Web Curios)

  3. zalew / django-flickr — Bitbucket

    “Provides a mechanism to mirror user’s Flickr photos into a Django project.”

  4. Flickr: The Help Forum: Clicking Archives Takes Me To My Camera Roll

    Flickr has turned off their Archive pages - listing the photos you took/uploaded in a given month/day - in favour of their “Camera Roll”. Just show me web pages of photos from a date! It’s the basics.

  5. The Most Fascinating Profile You’ll Ever Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup | WIRED

    Got round to reading this piece about Stewart Butterfield and Slack. So nice to read about nice start-ups.

  6. Where Brooklyn At?

    Some digging into the metadata Aaron Straup Cope saved before Brooklyn Museum deleted their Flickr stuff. It makes me so mad and sad that they did this, not just the images but thousands of comments, tags, notes, too. On Flickr, you don’t own your own words.

  7. Adactio: Journal—The tragedy of the commons

    All of this. On the Brooklyn Museum, who haven’t just moved on from Flickr Commons, but deleted all their stuff from it as well.

  8. Social Change - BKM TECH

    About which services the Brooklyn Museum is going to stop using (incuding Flickr and iTunes U) due to decreasing engagement with users. I like the explicitness of this. Stop it if it’s not working. (via @thisisaaronland)

  9. Bulkr: Backup, download flickr photos, videos, sets & more

    For backing up all your Flickr stuff. not sure how the free and pro versions differ. (via @revdancatt)

  10. How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

    “Build something good, and the buyout offers start rolling in. But while selling out in most other fields of creative endeavor is frowned upon, it’s a given on the Web.” True, but this assumes you think of a start-up as a creative endeavour, not a business. But still.

  11. straup/parallel-flickr @ GitHub

    Wonderful. Aaron Straup Cope’s project to allow a self-hosted mirror of your Flickr photos, with all their data, permissions and same-structure URLs. (via Waxy)

  12. Flickrgram

    “A quick hack to present your Flickr contacts’ recent photos as a flat list for iPhone” a la Instagram, by Tom Insam. Is handy and nice.

  13. Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You’re f*cking kidding • The Register

    In case you need even more reasons why trusting your stuff to even the most well-meaning third-party services is only as good as their ability to never, ever make a mistake. (via Lee)

  14. ASCII by Jason Scott / Yahoo!locaust

    About Yahoo! and Delicious, and other things they’ve closed, and Flickr, and the fact all the content on Yahoo! Video will be deleted in March. *sigh* (via Simon Willison)

  15. Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin

    A bit clunky, interface-wise, but much more configurable and better than the standard Lightroom 3 Flickr plugin. (via @tomtaylor)

  16. Looking Into the Past - a gallery on Flickr

    Lovely photos featuring an old photo of the same view held between camera and background. Oh, just look, it’ll make more sense.

  17. Flogr - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Looks like a nice way to make a portfolio site from your photos stored on Flickr. Example: (via Infovore)

  18. Flickr for busy people

    Which of your contacts have added photos recently?

  19. Parse JSON with jQuery and JavaScript redux using the Flickr Services API | d’bug

    I’ve read oodles of JavaScript examples on weblogs recently and it’s so nice to occasionally find one that explains things well, has good working examples, and inspires confidence. Shouldn’t be rare, but is.


    Another example of clickable images in a vector layer in an OpenLayers map.

  21. Flickr: Contacts Photo Browser

    Example of OpenLayers using clickable images in a vector layer.

  22. Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset 1.0

    I keep seeing cool code stuff whizz by and I’m not making anything with it. May need to ringfence time from other commitments just to *do* something.

  23. Fraser Speirs – On the Flickr support in iPhoto ‘09

    I know Speirs could be accused of bias but it doesn’t sound like iPhoto ‘09’s Flickr integration is going to be any use to me at all. Sounds awful. (via Daring Fireball)


    Launching soon, a backup for Flickr and weblogs. Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook backup promised. As I said earlier, all these sites should offer this service by default. (via Blech)

  25. Boundaries

    Completely awesome thing from Tom Taylor. Shows the shapes of areas based on how people have tagged their geo-located Flickr photos.

  26. Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Lessons Learned while Building an iPhone Site

    Great practical advice for building a website for iPhones. (via Infovore)

  27. FlickrSLiDR - Embed Flickr Slideshows within Your Site

    Very nice way to include a slideshow of Flickr images in your website.

  28. Flickr: Discussing RSS feed of your contacts’ favorites (Y! Pipe) in Flickr Hacks

    How to make an RSS feed of your contacts’ favourites using Yahoo! Pipes. (via Haddock)

  29. Disambiguity - » Ambient Intimacy

    Excellent stuff on following friends in Twitter, Flickr, etc. I must try and remember some of this for all those times I try and explain my online life to non-geek friends who look at me like I’m some weird stalking nerd. (via Yoz)

  30. Scout: Find your photographs in Flickr’s Explore

    Read between the ads to find the form that lets you see whether/where your photos appear in Flickr’s magical Explore pages.

  31. Flickr: The London Flickr Scavenger Hunt

    Nice treasure hunt idea — you’re given a set of photos and, I think, you have to go and take identical ones around London. There’s one tomorrow.

  32. Flickr: Photos tagged with mstr

    Museum Street Tea Rooms. Some things are destined to get Flickr’d a lot.

  33. Battered footballer on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    There’s a game in here somewhere… Flickr snap!

  34. Flickr: Photos tagged with banksy

    202 photos of Banksy’s graffiti on Flickr

  35. Flickr: FlickrCentral - Flickr mentioned on bbc website

    Some Flickr users get unnecessarily worked up over Tom’s quote in the article I wrote for BBC News.

  36. BBC NEWS | Magazine | I’ll show you mine…

    I wrote an article about Flickr for the BBC News ‘Magazine’. More later, no time now.

  37. Flickr: FlickrCentral - Visualizing the Flickr social network

    Hot social network analysis action. (I’m nowhere to be seen.)

  38. Flickr and PHP by Cal Henderson (PDF)

    Interesting presentation… only wish I could see Cal present it.

  39. adaptive path

    Peter Merholz ponders how to make user-added keywords (or

  40. Flickr photo tool has it all and more

    Why Flickr is better than any other online photo library site.

  41. Flickr: Tags in the Fiona and Matt’s Wedding Pool

    Flickr keeps finding new ways to tickle my

  42. TeledyN: Living with Webservices

    How might services like Flickr, and others link together better?

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