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2013-10-22 (Tuesday)


  1. The Online Photographer: Open Mike: Photo Essay (Part I)

    I love this photo essay of Mike Johnston getting a reconditioned pool table installed. So much skill and attention to detail. Also, it makes me wish I was there with them all, hanging out, chatting. I could happily read this site even if it never mentioned photography.

  2. How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

    “Build something good, and the buyout offers start rolling in. But while selling out in most other fields of creative endeavor is frowned upon, it’s a given on the Web.” True, but this assumes you think of a start-up as a creative endeavour, not a business. But still.

  3. Kapowaz: Cargo Cult CSS

    Good article on the drawbacks of OOCSS and some tips for good practice. I like the need to use descriptive selectors, rather than terse ones; these make much more sense to me coming to a CSS file written by someone else.


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    @whoisdanw I hope so. A big viewfinder seems like a great idea to me.

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    @pkqk Dammit, I knew I’d forget!

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    I did that thing again where I try to view an Apple video stream in Chrome and it always says “Available shortly. Please check back soon.”

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    But that’s fine because it’s still easier to type _ rather than /. No, wait…

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    All those nice functions for generating URLs that save having to manually change links? I’m just manually changing all the function names.

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    @JaneDallaway Actually, I was having two mini Twixes from a bag. Which is now sadly finished. I wish you many happy Twixes.

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    Jeremy Hunt's right. Health tourism's rife in the NHS. They come over here, empty our bedpans, nurse our relatives, treat our sick. Shocking