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2009-09-08 (Tuesday)


  1. Re: [OpenLayers-Users] Displaying a popup on mouse over AND a different popup on click.

    Code example for having OpenLayers markers that can be hovered over and clicked.


    Another example of clickable images in a vector layer in an OpenLayers map.

  3. Flickr: Contacts Photo Browser

    Example of OpenLayers using clickable images in a vector layer.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @Zoonie That sounds very, very cute!

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    Spent *ages* wondering why fonts were larger than they should be... I'd accidentally zoomed in in Firefox. I'm a professional you know.

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    @benm Thanks for tip. Was thinking of something like ICS but good idea. How much did you know before? Need to brush up!

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    I'm toying with self-studying for a maths A Level... drop me a line if it sounds interesting and you'd like to work through it together...

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    @memespring I grudgingly accept that columnists (or "print bloggers") write this stuff, but that doesn't mean Today needs to cover it.

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    And fuck me, the Today programme on whether kids should be allowed the back to school kit they want? TELL ME NEWS! NEWS, REMEMBER THAT?

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    It's OK, because the Conway workmen who have been breaking paving slabs since at least 7.30 are part of the Considerate Contractor Scheme.