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2015-11-23 (Monday)



  1. Flickr: The Help Forum: Clicking Archives Takes Me To My Camera Roll

    Flickr has turned off their Archive pages - listing the photos you took/uploaded in a given month/day - in favour of their “Camera Roll”. Just show me web pages of photos from a date! It’s the basics.


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    @helendmeyourear 👍🏻 🍻

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    @denisewilton @robmanuel Distract the unicorn with a rainbow and it will look up and the graph will go up and MONEY!!!

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    @denisewilton Yeah and that seems more interesting. Is it taking business from Regis-type co’s? Or not? Are Regis-type trying to change? Or…

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    @robmanuel @denisewilton But everyone loves unicorns!

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    @denisewilton Did you read this one…? Bonkers.…

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    @metabrew Ban lawyers? You may be on to a winning pro-Europe argument.

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    @metabrew Except… which lawyers would want to be responsible for saying it’s OK to remove them?

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    @blech Ugh, no. Just show me a page with photos taken/uploaded that day! It’s the basics!

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    John Oliver: “There was only one time in US history when refugees actually did wipe everyone out—and we’ll be celebrating it on Thursday.”

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