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Links tagged with “cameras”

  1. Intrepid Camera

    A nice bunch of things, like large format cameras and LED-powered enlargers, handmade in the UK. (via The Online Photographer)

  2. Monochrome conversion of Sony mirrorless cameras

    I love this idea, replacing the sensor on a digital camera with a monochrome one. (via The Online Photographer)

  3. The Online Photographer: Best Film Cameras for Newbies

    Re “Mike’s Comment” below the cameras, I bet there’s a similar sweet spot in the development of most technologies – cars, computers, others that don’t start with “c” – and that it should have a name.

  4. Olympus PEN-F

    Purely because it’s a lovely review of a camera. Nicely written, detailed without being nerdy-in-a-bad-way, and open to a change of mind.

  5. David Thorpe - YouTube

    Camera reviews (of Micro Four Thirds cameras) by a sensible-sounding British man, as opposed to an over-excited “Hi guys!” American describing cameras as “sexy puppies”. (via The Online Photographer)

  6. The Online Photographer: How To Buy Lenses

    A nice summary of a series of posts about camera lenses, for future reference when/if I’m feeling flush.

  7. A Visit to the Treasure Vaults

    Some good stuff about how Kodak was often too early with digital camera technology, not too late, and was no good at marketing it.

  8. Photography, hello — Software ate the camera, but freed the photograph by Craig Mod

    So many quotable bits. And it’s about more than cameras. About the uncomfortable but fruitful position of straddling technological shifts. About the value of a new product that simplifies only a tiny number of steps. About the importance of the network to story-telling.

  9. Facebook should make a camera ( 3 Jul., 2012, at Interconnected)

    I’m still amazed how unprogressive the camera market is. Aside from lack of product design innovation, cameras are so unconnected. Here we are in 2012 and very, very few even have wifi or GPS, never mind 3G, slick interfaces, integration with third-party services, etc.

  10. User Guide: Getting the most out of the Olympus E-M5: Digital Photography Review

    For future reference. (One can dream.) But also, blimey, are cameras the most complicated and complexly configurable items of consumer electronics available today? With the most clumsy interfaces?

  11. Descriptive Camera

    A “camera” that outputs descriptions of the scene using Mechanical Turk. Very lovely. (via @tomtaylor)

  12. Fuji X10 EXR camera, suggestions for optimum performance: Digital Photography Review

    Bookmarking because should I get one of these (a big IF) I won’t remember where this article was.

  13. - LoopIt

    Nice camera strap for small cameras. I’ll forget what this is called if/when I ever want one. (via Daring Fireball)

  14. The Online Photographer: Panasonic GF1 vs. Olympus E-P1, Part I

    Solely for this quote: “These two [bundled] applications just can’t possibly be as lame and useless as they appear to be … They can’t be—right? Because if faced with a choice of working day in, day out in one of these environments or picking up trash by the side of the freeway with a pointy stick guarded by a fat man with a shotgun and a big wad of tobacco in his cheek, I would need time to decide. They both seem like they’d be torture, but least in a chain gang I’d be outdoors.”

  15. The Online Photographer: The Leica as Teacher

    I like this idea. Despite the follow-up explaining why only a Leica will do, I’ve just bought a decent second hand 50mm lens for my old Pentax K1000 and may give this a go. (via Infovore)

  16. Canon EOS Beginners’ FAQ

    In case I get round to getting one. (via Blech)

  17. Tech Report: HPL-2004-216: How and Why People Use Camera Phones

    If I link to it maybe I can get away without reading it?

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