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2019-12-22 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2019-12-22

    Writing PHP, making cards, watching The Sinner season two and Honey Boy, and finishing things in London.


  1. This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web

    On making simple websites to last a minimum of ten years. (via Adactio)

  2. The Online Photographer: Best Film Cameras for Newbies

    Re “Mike’s Comment” below the cameras, I bet there’s a similar sweet spot in the development of most technologies – cars, computers, others that don’t start with “c” – and that it should have a name.

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  • lackingceremony’s avatar

    Here is the thing about living in the country. You need a lot of guys. You need a wood guy, and a plow guy, and if you don't have a big enough truck you're probably going to need a truck guy. I've got a garlic guy and a produce guy and a well guy and a chimney guy.

  • JoannaMang’s avatar

    The person writing Spotify’s song info blurbs has no patience for Bob Geldof’s bullshit

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    Tomorrow from 12 noon until 2pm I’m going to be presenting a show on West Wiltshire Radio @westwiltsradio. You can listen online at It won’t be as good as @radioroundabout, it’ll mainly be me learning to use the studio so keep expectations low etc