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2018-08-10 (Friday)



  1. Olympus PEN-F

    Purely because it’s a lovely review of a camera. Nicely written, detailed without being nerdy-in-a-bad-way, and open to a change of mind.


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    @bushofgoats Thanks!

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    @NaomiSeu Go for it!

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    I called Hiscox to ask why our premium had gone up 37% this year. A nice man reeled off several lengthy rote justifications which could be boiled down to “we put up our prices” and saved us both time.

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    @tomcoates Yeah, obviously, I don’t literally think people working at Twitter are nazis but I wondered how it would look and… yes, there’s something more striking about it than I expected.

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    @dotcode Yup.

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    Olympic Stadium roof, Berlin. Spent most of this evening in the depths of the stadium filming interviews at @EuroAthletics Champs so not many views, but this one was pretty fine...

    Olympiastadion, Deutschland

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    (…and I say this as someone who loves the movies: (As opposed to say Doctor Who) James Bond is, in essence, a terrible person and you shouldn’t really want to see yourself reflected in him.)

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    01 811 8055

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    1/ Who wants to hear some scientific intrigue?

    A few weeks ago, a group of physical chemists posted a paper online announcing the observation of superconductivity at room temperature.

    Today I posted a comment pointing out something funny in their data.