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Links tagged with “bags”

  1. The Best Camera Slings in 2021 | Carryology

    Thinking about something like this for when I have more stuff than pockets but less than daypack. These all look a bit tech-lad though.

  2. The PS tote bag now available – exclusively to readers

    It’s not my kind of thing at all, but I do enjoy the thought that’s obviously gone into this.

  3. Best Work Backpack Finalists :: Third Annual Carry Awards

    Some nice-looking backpacks there, which don’t look like you’re about to go hiking.

  4. Hrothgar Stibbon Leathergoods

    Some nice briefcases, bags, all made in Bristol. (via Men’s Flair)

  5. Messenger bags, Canvas bags & Shoulder bags from Millican

    Some nice looking bags, backpacks, etc. Classic- rather than futuristic-looking, but modern rather than solely nostalgic. I reckon. Also, British. (via Carryology)

  6. William Joseph Exodus

    A really cool-looking front-and-back-pack in a I’d-never-actually-wear-one kind of way. Looks a bit Starship Troopers. (via Carryology)

  7. Civilian Expander Pack

    Quite a nice, slim backpack. (via Carryology)

  8. Buyer’s Guide – Work Backpacks

    Yet another list of nice backpacks that don’t look like they’re designed for mountaineering.

  9. Our favorite computer bags

    A good start for finding a decent bag. Plenty of backpacks.

  10. Black Rainbow Project

    Bags. Not much to see yet, and not yet making backpacks, but sounds interesting. Based in Leicester. (via Carryology)

  11. Lexdray - Products

    Some nice looking bags and backpacks with some interesting pockets. (via Carryology)

  12. Road Test :: Boreas Bolinas

    Interesting looking backpack, with plenty more if you click through to Boreas’s site.

  13. Liking :: Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack

    Nice non-military modular backpack system.

  14. IGNOBLE - Backpacks

    Those are some nice looking, slightly different, backpacks. (via Lineage of Influence)

  15. Laptop bags > laptop backpacks > STM Bags

    Some nice laptop-friendly, pocket-laden backpacks, for future reference. (via Haddock)

  16. Camelbak Urban Assault Pack Preview

    For future reference. Looks like a nice backpack that’s thankfully less military than its silly name suggests.

  17. Beauty Through Bamboo on Vimeo

    Nice video watching John Cho Moore hand-making one of his good-looking bags, using bamboo as a frame. (via Lineage of Influence)

  18. Nylon Backpack for All MacBooks : Incase Product

    I saw a couple of Incase backpacks at the conferences and they look very nice.

  19. Leather Backpacks

    More leather backpacks. Fewer recommendations for these that I’ve seen.

  20. Briefcases from the Saddleback Leather, Co..

    Expensive, lovely-looking bags. But comments on some forums suggest the workmanship doesn’t live up to this site’s hype.

  21. Laptop Backpacks by booq(R)

    I’ve spent a lot of time researching nice backpacks, not finding much that’s practical and looks good. These are current front-runners.

  22. Luggage Pr0n: Five Head-Turning Bags for Your Notebook | 43 Folders

    Yet another geek bag discussion. Comments probably more practical than the main article. For when my 11 year old bag dies.

  23. Timbuk2 Bags - Pro Series Backpack

    Should I need a cycling backpack, looks good.

  24. Tamrac - Adventure Series photo backpacks

    Holds SLR and laptop. For when I need to replace my ageing backpack.

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