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2015-09-20 (Sunday)


  1. The PS tote bag now available – exclusively to readers

    It’s not my kind of thing at all, but I do enjoy the thought that’s obviously gone into this.

  2. Why 4% Could Fail

    The 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate should be closer to 2%. Maybe less, especially for many countries outside the US. (via Monevator)


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    @tomskitomski Is it just the click that's going, or the whole thing? For the former I enabled "Tap to click" in system preferences.

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    @tomstuart I assume those defending web ads would never fast-forward through them on recorded TV and pay silent attention during cinema ads.

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    All these arguments about ads boil down to an unwillingness to question capitalism. Maybe “valuable” and “brings in money” aren’t the same.

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    I don’t understand Gruber here. Advertising intrudes, distracts and manipulates by nature. It’s all psychic garbage.…