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2007-05-09 (Wednesday)


  1. Tamrac - Adventure Series photo backpacks

    Holds SLR and laptop. For when I need to replace my ageing backpack.

  2. Hide & Seek

    Pervasive gaming weekend based on the South Bank this weekend. Sounds a lot of fun; I’d go if I was in town. (via Haddock)

  3. Why the BBC Trust’s decision on iPlayer sells us all short from Guardian Unlimited: Technology

    If Cory’s too much for you, Bobbie’s more English in his disgust. Gahhh. 86% of the public respondents are obviously far less important than the precious “industry stakeholders”. Angry. (via Wonderland)

  4. Boing Boing: BBC Trustees agree to let BBC infect Britain with DRM

    I often find Cory’s anti-DRM rants too much. But sometimes I feel as angry as he does and it all seems quite appropriate. I like the BBC and I don’t want to see idiots slowly destroy it.

  5. Beth’s Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - Allrecipes

    Made these last night. Very, very tasty. They did, finally, just about set enough to not fall apart.

  6. Neighbourhood Fix-It

    I keep forgetting the name of this. “Report, view, or discuss local problems like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting.” Reports go straight to the council concerned. Excellent. (via Tomski)

  7. | Email alerts of planning applications near you

    New to me. It just works. I even get direct links to the council website to comment on each application. Wonderful. This is how council websites should work. (via Tomski)

  8. Beast

    Lightweight, not-quite-finished Rails-based forum system.

  9. Twitter

    Twitter’s new mobile interface, a boon for those who don’t want umpteen texts to their phone about their friend’s lunch decisions (but still, at some point, want to know the decisions).


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Beautiful gig. Support, Hush The Many, also gorgeous, like Low. And bus home turned up as I got to bus stop. Nice.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    I forgot how little leg room these pews have. Glad I brought a cushion too. Sitting, reading, waiting.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Going to see Mark Kozelek play at the Union Chapel. But mostly waiting for a bus. Knew I should have cycled.

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    How come I'm so impossibly tired? I've done nothing, I've slept. And yet... ugh.