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Writing tagged Todays Guardian

  1. w/e 2021-05-09

    Updating old code, season one of Ozark, and Support the Girls.

  2. Guardian Daily Edition app review

    A lengthy review of the updated version of the Guardian‘s Daily Edition app for iOS and Android devices.

  3. w/e 10 June 2018

    People rediscovering Crazy Walls and Today’s Guardian; Half Man Half Biscuit; and finishing ‘Uncharted’ 1.

  4. Today’s Guardian is back

    The site is fixed and improved.

  5. Today’s Guardian fixes

    Describing why the site broke, the quick repair, and aims to get it back to full strength.

  6. Today’s Guardian v1.1

    I’ve made some small improvements to my Today’s Guardian website.

  7. Today’s Guardian source

    I’ve released the source code for my Today’s Guardian website.

  8. Making a web page fit an iPhone screen

    I had problems making a web page fit and fill the iPhone screen width-wise in both Safari and when opened from the Home Screen.

  9. Today’s Guardian feature requests

    The three most common feature requests for the Today’s Guardian website.

  10. Today’s Guardian

    The thinking behind my new Today’s Guardian website.