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2015-12-21 (Monday)


  1. Today’s Guardian is back

    The site is fixed and improved.


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    @CotswoldOutdoor I’ve been unable to complete a web purchase since yesterday. Phone support said it’s all broken. But no news on Twitter?

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    @paulrobertlloyd @cantlin It’s a crucial role :)

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    Many thanks to @paulrobertlloyd and especially @cantlin for pointing me towards how to fix…

    todaysguardian’s avatar should now be back up to full strength. More here on the fixes and improvements:…

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    @dracos Ooh, that’s cunning!

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    My frontend build pipeline is pasting JavaScripts into then pasting them back into a single file.
    Fork me on GitHub.

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    @jonty @metabrew @timmow @alexmuller In the meantime @undermanager’s Permanent Bedtime might fill the gap:…

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    @hondanhon wasn't so long ago that you were all about cats with thumbs and butter or something

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    If you're mad about Black Hermione, you must be absolutely raging over White Jesus.